Where do you get them?

For those of you with multiple employees, where do you pull them from. We acquire just about all of our employees from newspaper adds. We also do one or two job fairs per year. Never get a great response from those tho. Honestly, more people end up taking cards than filling out an application. Oh well… that works for me too.

I have done help wanted ads in the newspaper and on www.Craigslist.com. I received a far better response on craigslist than in my local newspaper. I have also heard of getting them from detail shops and car wash places (though I have never went that route). I received 3 times as many calls on craigslist versus my local paper. My first question to anyone that calls is: Do you have a felony? That weeds them out really quick.


Oh nice. Never thought of Craigslist. Another question you can ask right away to weed some out it. “Do you have a valid drivers license?” The stories are always great, and some will lie to you and think you will never find out.

Another important thing to remember is to put your ad in the Trades section versus General employment. I’ve had every kind of walk of life contact me when I listed it in the general section. I have a 8 page employment app that asks all kinds of questions and you must consent to a background check. I get completely floored with some of the response I get. Rape, Grand Theft, receiving stolen property- on and on. Its really hard to believe because some are clean cut average looking people. I Background everyone. I cant afford (and dont want to) put my customers in harms way. Its my ass if something goes wrong.


When I did construction and needed help I used temp agencies. It lets you feel out an employee before hiring them directly.

I always like to hear there experience washing windows for there church or whomever once!
Craigs list has been good for us too.

I hear you Tim! I just figure them as greenies and train accordingly. I like the temps because if they look like they aren’t catching on I can just get a different one. No unemployment hassles and no disgruntled exemployees.:wink:

Can you explain how they charge you to use there people?

I have heard that (in my area) I have to pay up to something like $18.00 per hour to a temp service per employee. I guess it would be great if they provided someone to me with previous experience in the wc field. I dont know how I can take a hit like that starting out with someone that I have to train from the get go.


I guess it depends on what you need. If you can keep them off a ladder and just require a laborer it can be as low as $11 per hr. Now if I figure that the minimum wage will be $7.25 in January and add the cost of work comp, unemployment, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc I’m money ahead. At least here the temp agency takes care of all that. If I need to get them on a ladder it would add about $4 per hr.

I too have used Craigs List for those looking for employment. I’ve hired four guys off the site and two have worked out and two have not. Not sure that can be measured as successfull or not yet…

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