Where do you guys buy your supplies?

Where do you guys buy your squeegees ?
And what is the best squeegee and handle combo ?

Unless the answer is “Window Cleaner Resource”, this isn’t the forum for this question. It’s caused problems in the past recommending other shops. Just a heads up.


The Home Depot!!! They have all the windex and coffee filters a guy could want! :smile:

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Home Depot and Lowe’s carry Unger and Ettore home version tools. These are designed to be used by a home owner who will use them a few times a year. The parts are not replaceable like the clamps or tips on the pole. Squeegee channel and handle material are not the same as the Pro version sold by a supply house. They are designed to be used everyday by a pro. I have seen some of the home version tools that are exactly as the pro but overall you will get more life out of a pro tool. One example is my Unger teleplus pole. Had it forever, I just replace the stones every so often and it’s like new. JMO


I shop with WCR for the most part. Even if a few dollars more. I usually get my stuff faster than I would from say Washington state. So that’s worth it to me. But if I’m not in a rush then I don’t mind shopping around. I’ve had good experiences with WCR and a store in Michigan and Washington state.

If anyone is from Pittsburgh I’d love to know of a local shop to keep my money in the area but mostly Wcr and a couple other sites.

Canadian side? Use @Beautiful_View 's website.

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