Where do you guys get your uniforms/company shirts made?

I’m looking at getting some clothing made with my company info on it. Where do you guys get your shirts/uniforms? Is there a good online site that makes good quality clothes at a reasonable price?

I never found anything online. Didn’t get the personal interaction with any of the online places. I found a local mom and pop place and didn’t have to worry about shipping. Got 1 polos and 10 regualr tees for $98.00. Included design, shirt even delivery to my home! I think I got a good deal! :slight_smile:

I total agree. Mom and pops are the way to go cause most don’t have to pay for Big Commercial and web page fees so there cost is lower which makes your cost lower. I also think you got a good deal templbi .

I use thegraphiccowcompany.com

Quality printing on good shirts, like heavy-weight Hanes. They print a ton of shirts for colleges and schools. I’m not sure what their minimum is, I think 12 - although they may be doing me a favor with that…

They’re a local company, I clean their windows once a month. Super nice people - and I like the way they brand themselves. Their newsletters are just fun to read.

Funny, I’m all for using locals, but one local I tried totally messed me up and took forever! The price was lower, but the outcome was terrible. Another local did a screen print that started off red and turned pinker and pinker after every washing.
So, for now I’ve been using WearGuard/Aramark. I don’t know how they rank in price with other larger companies, but I’ve never had a single problem with them.

I buy all of our shirts from Broder Brothers. Then I have a local guy screenprint them all for me with company info etc.

Broder brothers has places all over the country. Sometimes I have the shirts shipped which usually only takes a day and sometimes I just drive 20 minutes to go pick them up.

I use a local firm - good for business as well.

local here as well

local sports shop, very inexpensive and quick service…previous shop i used bartered their services for mine

I use a local shop To get embroydered Polo Shirts (or Golf shirts:confused: , dont know the difference)
My Embroyderer has a website TopNeedle.com.
If you happen to like template my basic design, Im sure you could use it with no set-up charge if you wanted to order from them.

The picture isn’t that great but the Font is “Evening News” and the white things are sparkles. I have got a lot of compliments on these shirts. If you want a better pic let me know.

This guy is cool…

His name is Mr. Palmer.

Don’t try and email him through the site. He is old school so you will have to call him for initial contact. He digitally prints what ever you want on shirts. You can wash them 100 times and they won’t fade off.

Right now I am buying shirts printed front and back for about $10.

Digital printing allows you to print a picture. Whether it be of your logo, your house, or your face - it will print nicely. Did I mention you can wash them as much as you want and it won’t fade?

The good thing is… there are no minimums, the price is great, and the quaility is astounding.

I stumbled across him at a flea market. I went there in hopes to find a cost effective alternative to the local embroidery shops.


I will see him this weekend. If you want his number let me know.