Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I’m coming up to my 44th :o
I’ve started thinking about my future & what it holds. I’ve always said I’ll never know what life will hold for me & I’ve started looking in other directions for the last 3 or 4 years. Not really because I’m bored, just a way of keeping my interest alive in other projects & the fact that I have no employees. Hopefully I will have employees in the future & have other business interests especially in the cold months when work tails off in window cleaning.

So where will [B]YOU[/B] be in 10 years time?
Any suggestions?

Running WCR and serving all window cleaners with a smile.

Hopefully from the comfort of a nice warm climate:rolleyes: That would be nice.

Warm climate???..sounds like you need to learn how to surf and come to Florida where Christmas is in sandals and bored shorts :slight_smile:

How about you move the WCR to sunny southern California

Just curious - when did you start WCing Karlos? (or anybody else who cares to reply?) I started about 5 months ago at 28. I have a lot of mixed feeling about my age in relation to where I’m at in life, and how well I think I am doing at WCing and handling my new business. I guess that is normal though.

Here is another related topic:

Turning 40 next month. Been cleaning windows full time for just less than a year. I figure it’ll take another 2 years to get to a comfortable point where most jobs will be my regulars and the rest will be new customers and I’ll have enough income that I won’t panic any time I get a slow week.

I’d really like to add some solid add-on services for (as Karlos mentioned) the colder months. The less financial/effort investment the better. Just as long as the results are top notch and the money is there.

I started cleaning windows when I was 15. At the end of the month I’ll be turning 24. I still love cleaning windows. I don’t get much glass time any more though.

I really started in 1990 on & off, although I did a stint before that. But you always come back to something you love. I prefer hotter climates to clean in - I did quite a bit in Australia & now in Spain, really because its a dryer climate & not so many down days. But working in the heat is a little over-rated. With the advent of wfp, its possible to clean in light drizzle - but not here, its usually brown rain (sand from the sahara). I didn’t like working in the UK as a window cleaner. To tell the truth, I’m a worker ant more than a queen bee, but I like the days off & controlling my work load. I couldn’t never work - I get bored after a few months. I like creating solutions to problems - I feel this will be my future in some way.

I want out of NJ… Which is part of the reason I wanted to start WCR… I have had a few opportunities to leave here… but I couldn’t really leave because Im tied so heavily to ACWC. I definatly want to be in some sort of beach enviorment in 5-10 years. Even though though ACWC basically runs itself… Im an insane contol freak who would probably have a mental breakdown if I didnt have daily interaction.

Don’t kid yourself Chris, no company “runs itself.” You may have all the systems in place, but your presence and oversight are major factors in forward movement and preventing derailment.


I am having the same type of mental struggles at only 29. I’ll be thirty in November. Some of you might say that I haven’t seen enough to be dealing with this right now, and agree to some point, but I have the issues nonetheless. I am full-time at another job. Its a career. My schedule is one day on, two days off. On my off days, my employee and I wash between 8-12 hours per day. He goes alone on my work days. We rarely work Saturdays and never Sundays. I am not going to get out of my career job, and I don’t plan on getting out of WC’ing either. I love both. Sorry to ramble…

I hope to either be running the business with very little or none at all glass time, or to have sold it with a pot-full of money in the bank and be living with NO bills other than utilities and country club dues…:wink:

Beautiful View:

Why not try doing Holiday Lighting in the slower winter time months. We start advertising and scheduling in August or September, and start putting lights up before Halloween. The customers can choose when they want to turn on their lights. It usually makes more money in the time frame than windows does (between $100-$250/hr) usually on the higher end for a three man crew. We return in January to take them down and get another check…we split into two payments, that way there is consistant income monthly. The quality of work is up to you. As far as overhead, there is not much if you have ladders and extension poles, etc. You can either buy your lights at the local hardware goods store, Home Depot, Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby, etc. Or you can do an online search to find lights and accessories and have them shipped to you. I do both. There are even training programs available for the newest light installers and business owners. Let me know if you are interested in more info. I can hook a brotha up!

Holiday lights is a no go here. Everyone abandons the Island around Christmas including me & the Mrs. Theres a few that stay, but they usually book a hotel & see it through that way. Its a case of last one to leave - turn off the light. I’d probably looking for something computer related, maybe to work from here or a laptop & serve other markets. Yet, I’m not “that” computer savvy.

10 years? I don’t really know because W/C is only one thing that I do. I am also a full time pastor of a church. I started the church about 3 years ago with 6 people and we have grown to about 50. In ten years W/C might be a thing of the past for me. The Apostle Paul was a tent maker by trade and I am a window cleaner.

I don’t eat and sleep this business and have no passion for it at all. It’s just a way to put “food on my family” as “W” says. Also, It’s a stress reliever at times. To be outside cleaning glass, with only the birds chirping and my thoughts is soothing. I enjoy the people I meet and the challenge of difficult jobs but I don’t really love this business.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was busy right up to the second week of December last year window cleaning. For the next three months there was way to much snow most of the time to safely ladder houses. I’m really looking at doing something that can be done regardless of weather.

If there is an Apostle Petition, I’ll sign.

wow… wow.

Right here.

I see myself running multiple business. maybe WC still…but i think this is a fun stepping stone to larger things.

Being they allowed handball into the Olympics. I figure I will lobby them for speed window cleaning. I am going to start practicing as I would like to take home 10 golds lol.


The International Olympic Committee voted baseball and softball out of the Olympic Games in 2012.