I keep finding canvas drop cloths everywhere, and when I do find A CLOTH one there way to big. So where can I find a smaller one? Has anybody used THE COVERGRIP drop cloth yet? Trying to find a cotton drop cloth about 5’ by 4’ for residential work inside.

Twin flannel bed sheets are nice.

the last place I worked i swear we had a bed comforter, I always let the other guys have that one. We had smaller drops but I dont know where he got them.

We use these Grayson Reusable Bedpads - Reusable Hospital Bedpads - Reusable Mattress Pad - Allegro Medical Supplies they keep the floor from getting wet and hardly ever soak through. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I use regular large bath towels or beach towels that take more abuse. All come in colors to match your business.

I get my cotton dropcloths from our local home centers. Buy the larger sizes and just leave it folded to the size you need.

Hey Mat
That’s what they use at FiSH.

How ironic, that’s what I put down while I gut a fish :slight_smile:

I got mine at Home Depot. It looks alot like scrim. Soft and washable. In the paint dept I think.

Some people like to use scrim for a drop cloth.

Moving blankets…u can get them in any size( inc black which we use). Plus they are super absorbent.

THANKS for the replys, will look into those… has any of you tried the new CoverGrip drop cloth? do you think it would be worth it?

I get sheets from the local thrift store.

good call will look there also

Same here. I buy 6x9 and 4x15.

I rarely need a drop cloth in a residence.

I use small, thin white bath towels from Walmart (I know…) or Target for $1.50-2.00.

Using less solution in a residence increases efficiency, so a cloth is more for protection than absorption.

Lar are you straying to the Evil side:mad:.

We buy linen table cloths from Sams club. They are around 4’ wide and about 8’ long . Perfect drop cloths if you ask me. We buy them in black and they are sewn around the sides. Very durable,light and they look professional. If you use them like we do, you’ll be putting them over your customers furniture.