Where's the salesman videos?

Hi Sean.

Just wondering when you are going to post a new video. You’ve been awol lately. I’m sure you are really busy. But I enjoy watching your videos.

Me 2

It may have something to do with his new girl friend. Seems as if she’s already got him whipped.

Hey Guys

I appreciate that you are looking for me. I have been busy lately but I’m still here. I will post up a new video as soon as I have some content that I feel has some great substance. I’m very critical of myself and only enjoy posting information that I feel all of you will really take something from and enjoy watching as well. As always, if anyone has any ideas or any questions they’d like having answered via video, shoot them my way and I will have it up just as soon as possible. Thanks for the APB!


P.S.: Micah, I don’t have a girlfriend nor am I in any way shape or form whipped!! Chris and Alex are a couple of rabble-rouser’s who enjoy torturing me and blowing things out of proportion. You guys are in for it now! Arghhh!!!

cut it out…that is what all whipped guys say. Does she know you she’s “not” your girlfriend? I’m only kidding around. I too look forward to your next video.

Stay tuned for the next two Salesman videos:

Video #1: Convincing your friends (and now apparently window cleaners all over the world) that you don’t have a girlfriend.

Video #2: Selling her on the notion that the situation you have right now is perfectly acceptable and there is no need to take it any further or become more serious.

Looking forward to all your feedback on these fellas!!

Not sure about #1 but #2 sounds like it could work…maybe

I heard he got married.
He’s probably on his honeymoon.

Perhaps you & girlfriend together Sean - that’ll make a good video. You say one thing she says No.