Which brush do you recommend?

At risk of starting a brush wars thread I need some help and advice. I’ve had it up to here with my constructor brush and I’m ordering a replacement for it this week. Which brush do you currently use or recommend? Type and size please! Thanks!

I can’t recommend the Tucker Brush enough - Water Fed Pole Brushes - Tucker, XERO, IPC Eagle, and more – WindowCleaner.com

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I have the Unger Nlite radius and rectangular and boars hair. All great brushes with very well made jets. The Tucker is by far the best bristles. DuPont

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Of all the traditional WFP brushes I’ve used the original Tucker Dual Trim and Tecbuk Dual Trim (UK manufactured) have the smoothest feel on the glass… with both, but in particular the Tucker, if you allow the water to do it’s job the ease of scrubbing from the densely packed shorter bristles is stunning. Personally haven’t yet used the new RHG Red one but if he’s followed the original ‘recipe’ it’s a no brainer.

It’s starting to sound like a broken record here but the tucker hybrid brush is my personal favorite. Does great even on first time cleans.


For commercial windows we use Gardiner 22" . If doing commercial, a standard and large gooseneck is helpful for the wide ledges your likely to encounter.