Which connection do you use?



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Quick-Loq makes too much sense. It’s designed by wpf’rs and it feels like it when you’ve used it for close to a decade…not much can compare.


I bet the guys using euro thread roll with only one brush. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you convert from euro to quik-loc with a tucker brush? Anyone know?

Yes it converts. Gardiner makes a replacement attachment that screws into the brush size f your choice.

I’ve been using the Gardiner on/off gooseneck for the past year and don’t know how I ever worked without it. The ability to turn on and off without removing a hand from the pole combined with the quik lock fitting is perfect.

Thanks @TexasRich! That’s on my short list for purchase then!

Noticed relating to the Quick-Loq you have to have the Quick-Loq arm on your angle adapter so to be able to use it right???

And if you can not get a Quick-LoQ arm.
You can always get one of these it fit onto a Euro thread on your angle adapter.

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And if you want to convert your brush with a euro thread in it just get one of these along with the angle adapter conversion.
These will also fit Gardiner Quick-LoQ


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Does that on/off goose neck only fit into a Gardiner pole?

Where is that quick- release conversion kit available?

Which connection are you talking about??
And yes they connect to Gardiner Quick-LoQ connections.

It will fit all poles. It is a standard size gooseneck. As an on/off switch, it’s simplicity is brilliant. I think that translates into durability as well.

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As said that this goes into your water fed brush that has Euro tread then you have a Quick LoQ connection on your brush. Right?

Now so you can have a quick- lock connection for your pole which has a angle adapter with euro threaded angle adapter.
All you have to do is attach this to it.
Now you have a quick-lock to make it easy to swap your brushes and /or any other tools that has
Quick-release attachments…
Hope I have explained right??

@HE_MAN who carries the attachment? Is it a Gardner product or aftermarket? Also how stable is the brush when you add this extra attachment to a standard angle adapter that most wfp use?

Once you put it onto any angle adapter with a euro thread is extremely stable.
Both these attachments will fit into the Gardiner Quick -LoQ range.
But are not made by Gardiner.

I know you can be rather cryptic at times @HE_MAN, but I think you are reinventing the wheel. This is what Gardiner make so we can use any brush with quick loq accessories for about 10 bucks.

Yes know you can get them as well change your euro thread off brush.
And you can also put this one a Gardiner make into you euro threaded bush as well.
Can also be used to put on your trad tool so to be able to use them on your pole.

But Gardiner does not make these you can convert any of your existing angle adapters with Euro thread to a quick release connection.

[quote=“TexasRich, post:17, topic:51224”]
I think you are reinventing the wheel
[/quote] image
Although this can be attached to your brushes it is far from being ideal in regards using your brush.on the pole.
And also noticed that there have been many attempts to have a swivel incorporated on the brushes so to be able to scrub into corners or even able to scrub sideways just about eliminating lifting pole UP/DOWN.
This including 2 or 3 versions that Quick-LoQ have done as well as many other manufactures for there own product.
But seems as though they yet to get this right.

I know you can be rather cryptic at times @HE_MAN,
OH LOL :laughing: Sorry if that is it came across like that was not the intention.
As have said many times not real good at explaining things :grinning:

The angle adapter square loc ends are from Australia.