Which logo?

Trying to figure out which one to go with

I like the top right

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I most like top left. The visual weight of it goes along with the “warrior” feel imo. It’s also more balanced. However, I think it could be even better if you spaced the letters in warrior a bit and then increased the font and spacing of restoration until the two words are the same width.

I’d also play around with making the logo the same width as the words and another version with the words to the right of the logo and the logo the same height.

Another idea is to use the logo as the “A” in warrior, again increasing the font size and spacing of restoration to match the width of warrior.

Definitely looking great so far!


i also like the top left

I prefer all upper case in bold.

Funny the window cleaners all say too left but over at PWRA we all vote bottoms right.

When you choose a logo we’ll know who’s team your on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Upper left

Top Left!

Ditto ^^^
Also, what do you restore? Cars? Windows?
It might be helpful to include a word in that logo for the clueless masses.

Warrior Window Restoration has a good ring to it…

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Bottom left. The font looks much nicer.

Also make sure you get the logo in different formats and also get them to do a reverse logo for you as well (your logo in white) for backgrounds where your logo might no show up well.


I do like the font of the bottom left too, but somehow it gives me the feeling of some kind of nature preserve… Like warrior restoration is a trail at the state park lol. I also prefer how in the other logos warrior and restoration are different fonts.

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it doesn’t say window cleaning…that’s yer problem.
so the common ground, it is not top right. take that one out…
and why is there a silloutte of dan akroid as mr conehead sticking his face into the right side?

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I prefer bottom left, the font works for me

Bottom right. It speaks weight.


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What business are you in? Carpet restoration? Home restoration? Auto restoration?
I think the image is a house but I see an arrow.
As for font I like top right.


The image throws me off, not sure what it is…

Your text is unclear what your service is for…


Justin, what services do you offer?

Let me know if you need

You need Any help getting going, we are in same area but I’m not looking for residential work so can help you


I’m guessing home restoration but how does the Warrior tie in?

come on steve …he fixes up people hurt in fights.
geez wake up and pay attention man.