Which pure water system will work for solar panel cleaning?

Can wash it pro works to clean solar panels too ?
What type of brush is recommend it?

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I don’t see why the Wash-iT Pro can’t work for solar cleaning. Any pure water system with enough pressure and flow from the ground to the roof where the solar panels are should work.

If you have a 2 story home, then you should probably treat the solar panels as being on the 3rd story.

For a brush, Unger makes a brush designed for solar panel cleaning called the Unger nLite Solar Radius brush. It comes in 11", 16" and 24" widths. WCR seems to sell only the 16" and 24" ones. The smaller one is easier and lighter to use, of course, on a WFP. The bigger ones may get the job done faster but they’re heavier to use.