Which rubber

hey folks… just wondering which is the best squeegee rubber for extreme winter cold…0 farenheit or -30 celcius; thx

Definitely a soft rubber. I did a couple below zero mornings this past winter and found that Ettore did quite well.

Humm, just my opinion but 0 F is not “extreme cold”. I’d place that at -20 and below. When the blue washer fluid starts to freeze, that’s extreme. Maybe those guys in Wisconsin will chime in because they get stupid cold up there.

I’ve used Ettore at -16 and it was fine. There was a sheen on the windows that evaporated really quick, but other than that it was good.

I don’t like carrying different rubbers so it’s all Ettore all the time.

you right it is not extreme cold… what i meant after looking at the conversion from celcius was …-35 farenheit… with the wind factor… thx for pointing out…

Oh, I didn’t catch the conversion. If you’re going to be out in that sort of cold, then you’ll need something better than the blue stuff I use. I think they make a pink stuff which goes down to -40 but I’m not sure. Others use alcohol or methanol.

But I think you’ll be more worried about your bucket than the rubber.

Ask Steve [MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION]

[MENTION=37732]belowzero[/MENTION] Ettore will work fine down to -25 to -30 with the wind blowing. But anything below that temp everything freezes.:rolleyes:

First its you then the equipment!

yes you can use (alcohol or methanol) to get in to colder weather but why…