Which Type of Alcohol for Below Freezing

I’ve used Denatured, but read somewhere on the forum to use Isopropyl? What’s the difference between them?

Isopropyl stinks. I like that methanol has no odor.

Isopropyl Is easy to buy. Any drug store. I mix it with my window cleaning solution 3 to 1 and carry it in a squirt bottle NOT my bucket on storefront work. My bucket has plain window solution in it no alcohol. I don’t work when it’s below 10 degrees.

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Below freezing?


When a window ices up on me because I didn’t realize it was that cold I just rewet the window with the t bar loaded with some solution from the alcohol squirt bottle. I also have a bottle with plain solution in it.

The special bottle only gets used when it’s really cold. I work all winter long with less than 2 gallons of alcohol. Kinda full time.

Dang it, I was going to say that!


Thanks guys!

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Standard protocol is windshield fluid, which contains methyl alcohol. Don’t drink it plz.


The only problem with that in my area is that it freezes on the glass because it get’s to cold. It seems like anything below low 20’s and it freezes on the glass… Does that sound right?

I can use ww fluid down to the teens, its about speed… Two hand technique squeegee follow the mop at all times.

Im in the frozen Columbia basin an hour or so south of you…

Yeah I’m using it on a pole, and I like using my wagtail more than the backflip so it’s harder.

Dude stay in bed

In sweating out here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

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Wish I could…

…Changes on the horizon.

Winter time (deep cold) you need to change your poling technique…

if your solo, use two poles one mop pole and one squeegee pole.

If your working two people, one mops and one pulls the window…

No time to waste fancy fanning uppers…get it done and get to the warmth! :wink:


windshield washer fluid comes as low as -45 and some even has deicer as well but it may not be available in your area if you not in a really cold climate.
use it straight or add methyl hydrate (methanol) is straight is still freezing.

Yeah it availible here, @Frozone is only about an hour or so north of me. I dont like the deicer way to much film (residue left on the glass.)

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I typically use windshield fluid in temps to -5 degrees. Benefits I find are low odor, no msds sheet required, not flammable.

Downside is blue residue if not removed completely, especially on white frames.

If working from a rooftop flammable fluids stored on a customers roof is not great idea.

When I do use washer fluid I don’t add soap, it has cleaner already. The soap/foam thins the water reducing the anti freeze factor.

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