Which water purification system?

I’m looking for the best system for my needs. We have bad hard water out here so I know I want ro. I’ve been leaning toward the Tucker® 4 Stage RO/DI Mobile Cart or the little beast dual system. I am hoping to get enough pressure that I won’t have to carry water in my van. Any input would be greatly appreciated


The Tucker 4060 is a great system, as is the Xero X2, and Little Beast Dual RO.

I’m happy to chat.

How many poles will you be running and how high?

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Mostly one or two poles on 2 or 3 story buildings

I would first go with the Little Beast Dual RO with Pump and 2 Xero Himod Pros (rigidity) or 2 Xero Ultra Light Pro 40s (weight), as long as 3 stories is your top height. If you’re going higher than 3 stories then the SUPREMELY rigid Xero Destroyer is your man.

Text me your email add ress, and I’ll send you a couple packages.

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I cana get you set up with the Little Beast as well as the Tucker 4060 or Xero X2.


If you are interested in financing, here is the link to apply:

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One other system to consider is the IPC Hydrocart 2X with pump.

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As Jordie is trying to help show, there is simply not a “best” or “one true” perfect setup as it really depends on your expectations, budget, and desired scaleability. Take some time to think of what you need now and what you could use in your area. Work is “best” for me isn’t always “best” for you.

We decided to build our setup. We overbuilt it a little for most jobs, but that’s because we knew that we didn’t want to buy new equipment again for a specific job.

*edit: “lost” = “most”


It’s hard to beat the Xero Pure systems. I have two of them and have had them for years now. Other than switching the filters they are maintenance free.

Don’t rule out a tank based system. You could have a 30-50 gallon water tank, pump, and battery that doesn’t take up that much space and you’d only be adding less than 500lbs of weight. With a tank based system you’ll never have to worry about water pressure, ever.



Are you around?

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Yes. I don’t need financing but I’m looking into buying somewhere else for a lower price.

Why not invest in the company who has already invested in you by providing this forum and wealth of free information? As well as sales reps who reach out directly to you and give you free advice? You will always pay with something.

If you desire to build a long-lasting relationship with your supplier, as you no doubt you want from your customers, then I’m happy to get you set up!


You make a very good point. The support is definitely worth an extra expense and I really appreciate it.

I’m available today from now to 9pm ET. Call me and we’ll go through some numbers.

I’m at a family camp it all weekend and don’t think I’ll have any alone time to call we can communicate through email. Ceswapp@gmail.com

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Thank you! Much appreciated

I’ll be contacting you guy’s soon to get the xero wfp. I’m picking up a trailer in a couple weeks and after that I want to see what the options would be as far as financing for the equipment. Thanks again.

Definitely going with the Xero wfp

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Use this link to apply for financing.
Click here now to apply:

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Look forward to getting you set up!

Thank you!

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ha! Hey Josh, lol. Didn’t realize it was you.