White Pad for Dirty Windows

Quick question from a newbie I have been learning about the “white pad, scrub pad” thing for dirty windows or CCU’s and I have two questions.
I found white pads and a holder at Lowes, but if I cut the pads to fit the holder I only get one per pad, but i found floor sanding pads that are huge and only cost a couple of dollars more. Is this the same material, it sure seems like it. Does anyone have any experience with these? I thought I could buy the big one and cut it down if it would work and is a good material.
Also it is my understanding that the white pads or steel wool will not scratch tempered glass, am I understanding that right?

If it is a 3M product ask them if they recommend it for glass. I use white and red pads but red is not recommended for glass, however I’ve never had a problem. Rivet0r has posted using the reds for some time without problems. You pays your money and you makes your choice.
Get a waiver.

My personal preference is the 3M 9488 scouring pad (you can purchase a box of 40 for $30 about anywhere) and Sorbo/[COLOR=#0755bd]Pulex[/COLOR] powder here on WCR to use for ccu’s, hard water stains, or tempered glass, pretty much anything where a blade will not work. I’ve used them for years and they will not scratch glass. You’ll find you won’t like the holder, as you can’t apply enough pressure where you need it or into the corners of the glass.

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Ok thanks for the info, do you use a holder or just use the pad loose in your hand?

Loose in my hand, I like to use them so they’re a little bit damp and not soaked. You can use a binder clip to hold it on your belt so you don’t have throw it back in your bucket, keeps it handy, and from having to re-apply your powder/chemical.


I find that a scraper in proper condition works best at removing debris from glass, including quality heat-treated glass.

yes, the only experience I have is with a scraper. These pads are all new to me.

I love the shark pad

Be careful because… steel wool, abrasive nylon pads, and razors can all scratch glass with fabricating debris.

Thanks for the heads up

I found the red “Quicke” pads last night that Rivert0r used in his video and tried it on a few of my windows. Looks good so far. Thanks for the feedback