White rust/efflorescence on Zinc - any thoughts?

Builder asking me to clean up this. Anybody looked into this before?

OneRestore, perhaps?

But as @InnocentBystander always says on the PWR forum: “walk away”


It’s a sort of extra credit job if we want it and I haven’t made any big claims so we’re alright. There is some extra cladding for us to do experiments on. My suspects are efflorescence from the concrete work or white rust. It is also near the Sea so it could be sea salt or earth salt. I thought I’d try white vinegar first and then maybe a product from Prosoco to remove efflorescence or One Restore as you suggested.

@Fenster-Journeyman Man, you’ve got 5 different materials there. Glass, wood, the sealant over the wood (which doesn’t look to be in good shape), the metal, and concrete. If you want to be adventurous and take a deep dive into chemicals then by all means go for it, but I would get quite the waiver if so. Personally it’s easy to mess up quotes even if everything goes right with no damage, so unless you really want or need to keep the relationship with this builder I would walk.

Another option would is you could walk. :rofl:

Seriously though, if you do it, interested in your results. Though if I ever have the same chance I’ll probably walk.


The difficulties on site are intense because this is same site that had the plastic UV hard baked onto the glass for 12 years - for that I have been using my ‘spear’ - the trad pole with the six inch triumph scraper - it’s wild stuff but it is much less stressful on the wrists and arms than using hands so thank you Trad Pole!

We have nothing to do with the wood of the doors - they are to be power sanded completely - it is just the corrosion on metal the builder is preoccupied with there.

I got a message from a supplier saying they think the patterning on the Zinc Cladding looks like SH oxidization which is possible I suppose if the PWR guy is not rinsing for prepwork - good to know because I sometimes do softwashing too.

We already have the job in hand for the glass and frames of the windows so this other hinge/cladding stuff would just be extra credit - for sure I’d issue any invoices at cost plus for any experiments including failed ones so there is no real risk.