White spots on windows

I have noticed a LOT of “white spots"
On my route windows this summer.
I have Never seen these before during my window cleaning years and gotta scrape em to get it off.
As I stood pondering what the ell this crap is , I noticed a fly on the glass.
“Hmm” I thought.
” lot more flies around the area this year kinda reminds me of Bakersfield or Lubbock"
As I stood spacing looking at the fly I noticed it stop and extrude a substance then buzz away.
"Holy fly wings batman!!! All these white specs is fly shit!!!"
So be sides scrapeing every window does anyone have a solution for getting “fly crap” off winders???

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I use some mops with the scrub strips on the back side. For fly specks, it works fine. Not going to be as fast as a scraper, but no worries about damage with them either.

Wow you learn something new everyday. I’ve been reading up on flies now. I’m guessing that those are eggs. The poop is the black stuff we normally see on windows. But apparently a fly can excrete a glue like substance so that’s probably what it’s attaching the egg with. Gross.

But it takes a razor to get them off? What about a scrub pad?

Maybe EBC can figure out what the glue is and come up with an additive. Call it “Fly Glide” or something.

I use a water bottle with CLR (3oz) to get the spots out.

Try pre spraying with denatured alcohol let it sit for a bit and wash.

However these white spots ARE Texas sunbaked fly poop.
My every day washer is a ettore porcupine.
Still won’t all come off.
It looks good to customers but I still see em and it bugs me.
So I gotta scrape witch I hate.
Maybe a additive to my super solution to soften it up?
Hopefully this is a freak of nature due to El Niño and goes away…one day

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maybe fly crap is alkaline. maybe it bakes on the window to form a mini hardwater stain?

What’s the fly’s diet in this region?

I feel like this is turning into an episode of McGuyver.

Perhaps try something acidic.

Maybe an organic solvent like de-solv-it or bio-solv.

(what’s great about de-solv-it or oil flow is you can mix in a small amount with your regular solution so you won’t have to take extra steps to pre-treat)

Thanks CCC !!!
I will check out de sol it and oil flow.
I am looking for a additive to my solution and will check these out.
As far as the flies diet, I’m sure they are poop eaters like everywhere else…

Mucho Thankso!!!

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Heading out to Wally World to pick up some de solv it
Aprox how much would you add for 2.5 gallons of solution?

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Keep us updated if it works or not.

I just add a little squirt and add more if I need to. I start with as little chem as I can and add more until effective. Be careful with all solvents; even organic solvents have the potential to be corrosive to the window’s seal. Even rubbing alcohol is a solvent, though I think it would take a lot of sprayaway to blow a window’s seal.

Maybe this would help:

Unger’s grass sleeve. You could then tell the flies: “your a** is grass” …seriously, though this looks like it has some good scrub to it.

I use a water bottle with CLR (3oz) to get the spots out.

One product I really really want to develop is a plastic scrub strip that is based on 20 micron sharp acrylic particles. I have already developed a 100 micron urea particle based flat scrub pad that removes shot gun fungi. You see 0000 steel wool has iron based strands that are 20 microns in diameter/thickness. Iron is the same hardness of glass. But 0000 steel wool doesn’t scratch because it is based on strands not sharp particles. The strands rub. I want a hard (5 mohs) acrylic particle of 20 microns that I can load a cloth strip with. Then I want to be able to quickly put the strip on any strip washer. I was also thinking about loading Wiljers Blue Devil sleeve net with such particles. Glass has a mohs of 7. The acrylic particles would literally chew up fly poop, shotgun fungi, spider droppings, even wood stain, paint, and silicone caulk. Also such plastic particles would never rust. They would probably last much longer than steel wool. Right now I will unravel a pad of steel wool and cover a small strip washer wand with it. Wet the window with a larger wand. Then scrub with the ‘wool wand’. Everything comes off.

By the way Pax and CCC. Have either of you tried any product based on 90% DLimonene? This is totally green as it is based on terpene chemistry. Terpene based molecules are all over nature. They are TOTALLY fascinating. Except when the trees upchuck them all over your brand new car.


I have never, ever, ever, ever seen the word “upchuck” along side the word “micron”.

To funny Jesse!

I already have one of those.
It irrates the crap outta me cuz the green pad keeps"moving" out of thevwayvhen I need it not to.
That’s the reason I went to the porcupine .

I have not tried it.
I will do so research on dllemonaid this weekend!!
Thanks for the tip

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That looks like Wiljers sleeve. I have used it a lot. Works good. Just not abrasive enough for me. Different sized abrasives at different hardnesses will remove different things. The absolute optimum would be a mix of everything. I’m working on it.


@pagliachi, this is a good starter:

What is d-Limonene?

@Henry could tell you everything there is to know about cleaning chemistry and then some :slight_smile:

That makes my heart SO happy!

I love it. A great company. Great info!