Who cleans windows in Houston?

I currently live in Michigan ( Genesee County ) one of the worst economies in the country. It’s my first year but feel im doing pretty good. My brother lives in Houston and for whatever reason the last 6 months I’ve felt a tug about going down there and checking it out. He’s only been there a few months now. Who here cleans windows in Houston? I do mostly Residential now but is the window cleaning market super saturated by illegals? Or is there a lot of opportunity for a business like this?

There is a great market in Texas.
I am sure there are a few undocumented window cleaners, painters, house keepers, ditch diggers.
Hopefully the clientele you market to won’t use them.
Texas is the #1 growth state as of this date.
If you can’t make it here doing wc then it’s NOT because of the illegals
Figger it out…

I’m in San Antonio and we do very well. I can’t say the illegal workers have a big impact on my business.

I’m in Spring, TX. About 30 min north of Houston. I usually stick to the north side of Houston. But from what I’ve seen for window cleaning, it’s not saturated by illegals. I know for landscaping its really bad with illegals.

I know Texas has a great economy. That’s awesome you guys are doing great

I guess I was trying to say don’t let the undocumented workers sway your thinking.
I have friends that are in the landscaping business and they are killing it.
And they are lily white…
( ok they are BRONZED TAN now from the sun)
Don’t worry about them.
Worry bout yourself.

The illegals don’t own the business. It’s the white people that hire the illegals.

As sad as it is, this is way too true…

I know Texas has about the best economy in the country right now… Seems like a business like ours would be booming

Texas also is:
49th (out of 50) in health care
50th in graduating hischool seniors
48th in mental health
86% of the new business created in texas is minimum wage.
All this with a idiot governor…
Yep. Business is booming.

He’s right, it sucks here. You’d best stay away especially from San Antonio, it’s even worse here.

Houston has a crazy need for window cleaners BUT there are a few that really have it all wrapped up . Martin, Blue Bay and others. The also DONT charge very much. I learned from Carlos at Blue Bay and since I left and moved up north I’ve mad a whole lot more money…cleaning windows. Now if your gonna do pressure washing , house waging and roof cleaning…Houston IS THE PLACE TO BE!!! With OUT question.
But your window cleaning prices had better be DIRT friggin cheap

Proudly providing window cleaning services to my fellow Parker County residents.


Proudly providing window cleaning services to my fellow Parker County residents.

Rick Perry is alright. I love that he is very pro guns. When I was going to University of Houston, twice a week I get an email or txt from the school saying someone got robbed. Perry his trying to approve guns on college campus’s now. Which I think is a great thing. I also substitute teach for spring ISD and he wants teachers to have guns also, which I am all for. So he is not all that bad lol

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