Who else here brews their own beer?

I’ve been brewing my own beer for about 6 months now. Anyone else a home brewer?

I started off extract/partial mash. Now I am all grain brewing. I bottle all of mine, I don’t keg.


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Yes! We brew. We’re still doing extract due to limited space. We bottle, again due to limited space. What do you like to brew? Do you make your own recipes or buy kits?

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I have bought all grain kits, and I make my own recipes.

I have been making ales, from lights to dark. Amber bocks are about my favorites so far. I have an Yeungling clone and a English mild ale in the fermenters now. Bottled I have a light pilsner ale and a few bottle of my own Amber Bock.
Next brew days will be my Amber Bock and a Wicked Pete’s clone. Future brews in the near future will be cherry wheat and room temp lager experiment.

To conserve room and limit the amount of equipment I have, I do BIAB. I have a 16 gallon Bayou pot (false bottom, valve and thermometer), an 8 gallon pot, an outdoor propane burner, lots of ferment buckets, a cereal killer mill, and all the little stuff.


That’s great. I got into brewing because my wife loves beer, but has developed a gluten sensitivity. Apart from cider, stores only carry a handful of gluten reduced beers. Turns out there’s an enzyme you can add between boil and ferment that’s meant to clarify the beer. In the process of clarifying, it just so happens to break down most of the gluten as well. Pretty much everything but a wheat beer ends up having few enough PPM of gluten to meet FDA standards for “gluten reduced”.

That was the pitch and that’s all it took. “Buy the stuff. Let’s brew”



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No beer
Been thinking of using a family recipe for distilling whiskey though.

Is that related to whirlfloc/irish moss?

Glad to see others enjoy home brewing too!