Who gets a weekly massage?

So a few months ago I was in a great deal of tension in my back and shoulders , so went to a massage place, found it soooo reliving.

Shopped around until I found the best one in town a Thai deep tissue and I love it, I now get a massage once a week to relax and be refreshed for he next week. I guess as I get older the toll on the body is real, but that being said I really only encounter issues while sitting at a keyboard.


I get adjusted weekly by a chiropractor but need to change that to a message. the joints are all about fixed.


Oh cool, I have never been to a chiropractor before, I don’t really feel I need to tbh I feel the deep tissue resolves all of that since the muscles, tendons and ligaments hold all the bones in place if those are all knotted up then your joints wont reset properly.

I am also quite flexible and stretch my back out daily on the floor and pull my legs over my head and roll my back out.

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Stretching is probably the least common used relief we can do. But, Chiropractor does what massage cannot - and massage is a great addition to benefits of chiropractic care.


Great idea! I get a quarterly massage by a deep tissue dude that will almost knock me out with pain. Feel like new after!

Powerlifting has greatly contributed to and massively increased what I can handle too. Squat, deadlift, press, bench, pull, 3 times a week. Because of covid restrictions gyms open and close so I just started swinging kettlebells. Gonna see how this goes as a temporary replacement.

Cold shower every day too. Helps me sleep, releases stress, helps with my asthma. Makes me scream like a little girl too.

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I do the Wim Hof cold showers and breathe
I use The Joint Chiropractors. $69 month for 4 visits. it’s fast and easy.
I need to work out a cleaning deal with a message person. I’ve put a bigger focus on diet the last couple of months, strict keto/ carnivore and most of my aches and pains went away.
I do need to get my fat butt back to the gym.

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wow we’re 40-50 per visit here

So timely, that I read this!
Ive had an issue that started back in April, soreness around the shoulder tingling down my arm, but went away with rest (took a week off)

  • I re aggravated it about 3 weeks ago, and took a long weekend to heal.
  • currently (Aug 31) I feel good, but MAN, it kills me to sit at my PC and type this.

I have a similar issue, It started about 2 years ago. I Think mine is related to snapping scapular syndrome which I have had ever since I can remember but when I was young it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, It was more of a novelty I could stand in a quiet elevator and place my back and shoulders on the wall and move them and they would give off a cracking sound which would freak out my co workers.
I went to see a doctor they put me on a waiting list to see a neurologist. 9 months later when I got the letter from the neurologist for a booking, it had completely gone away so I said I didn’t need it anymore.
3 months later it came back, No where near as severe this time , just irritating.

I get like a knot in my scapular area then also with the tingling more into the wrist/hand and hand will start cramping getting sore while using mouse/keyboard, but it really does not effect my work at all, no pain or tingling while I work, just when relax or try use my PC.

Last time it was so bad I would have to hold my arm upright most of the day while relaxing, I even had to drive my car with my arm out the window holding my roof racks.

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The Joint is all over the place. I go when I am on vacation in Utah and Arkansas.

I do not have snapping scapula syndrome but whenever I use a mouse my hand falls asleep in a few minutes and typing does the same thing after 15-20 minutes.

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Those massage chairs at the mall are amazing. $5 for 15 minutes, and no weirdo rubbing all over me. Of course, I’m the weirdo sitting in the mall in the chair. I need one for my house.


as long as you don’t sound like Homer Simpson while using it.


I can pop/snap my neck and shoulders at just any time… enough make anyone around me take notice.
But truth told, its never been a pain… What I feel now is very spefic pain, but its burried under my shoulder blade and hard to get to/massage (if that made any sense)