Who has ever taken a working holiday

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon I had my 14yr old son just bugging his 4 and 3 yr old brothers and they were screaming and running around:(

I got to thinking, I would really love to go on a “winter” holiday to a tropical sea side location (only a 5 hour drive from me) you see I live in a country town about 100km (60 miles) west of the Gold Coast (NOT where Queenslander’s take a holiday)

I’m thinking Hervey Bay http://www.hervey.com.au/ kick back at the resort maybe take in some fishing, I might even learn to dive, take the family on a helicopter tour

You know a real holiday, so I looked up the details in the area around Hervey Bay and discovered there are about 35,000 homes in a 35 km (just over 20 miles) radius of the resort i looked at

Hmmm I thought how many of these homes would like their windows cleaned

Now I know it started out as a “holiday” right! But what if you could make it a working holiday and it became a tax deduction how cool that would be


Take an extended holiday and extend your business by starting a crew or two at your favorite holiday location then all your holidays would be tax deductible

Just thinking out load!!
Just thinking out load!!!


I like your money mindset, however when I am on vacation, work stops


I hear what you are saying but after reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and The E Myth I learned to make money while on vacation. Last year while skiing I noticed my business partner was taking the occasional phone call on the lift or in the evening, his crews where making him money while he skied.

This year I ski a lot, over 30 days on the mountains. What I learned from him last year I applied to this year and I skied while my crew made the company and me money. They also liked the work and the cont. money. My crews worked while I recreated and everybody made money while I was absent. This is one of the trick to wealth and happiness that I have learned.

I too look at windows while on vacation, I would love to have a crew or two working in UT and CO, so I could fly out and check on them, as a write off.

In a past career, I managed a few accounts located in Hawaii from my job in San Jose, CA. Over a span of eight years, I would travel to The Islands every two years for face-to-face (F2F) meetings during a one-week period (they were spread over three islands) and combine the trip with a one-week vacation. The benefit to me was a reduced overall travel/hotel/auto package. I was young and single…


my wife and I are planning on moving to Florida for our first winter and staying with her parents for 6 weeks or so. I suppose that’s like an extended working vacation.

Nice! Larry “the island hoppin pimp” Laczko:D

You mean spend your “vacations” as a fly-by-night window washer?

Sounds judgmental – do you know Adrian?

Hmmm Fly-by-night!!! NO John doesn’t know me very well at all

35,000 homes near the ocean 1 million visitors a year and only 6 window cleaners and 9 carpet cleaners (all one man shows)

No your right john that to me sounds like I could put 2-3 full time service crews including carpet cleaning and screen repairs there without affecting any-ones income

Plus I get to take “TAX DEDUCTIBLE” working vacations (to check on my business interests) when ever I feel like it

Fly-by-night vacation or marketing expedition?

What does every one else think?

Oh after doing a little more research there is around 50,000 homes inc: out lying towns!

Oh by the way John I think you need to read my post a little more carefully before making such rash comments

Take an extended holiday and extend your business by starting a crew or two at your favorite holiday location then all your holidays would be tax deductible

I have gone and done it now

I decided to go up to Hervey Bay for a drive last Sunday (for mothers day) with the family just a day trip

Wow nice place

Any way I came into the office today here is my wife Tracie feet up on the desk key board in hand, “What you looking up?” A reasonable question huh!

“I’M LOOKING UP REAL ESTATE!” was the answer I got “OK! Where?”

“HERVEY BAY” uuuhuh why?

“I sick of living here, there’s enough population for us to run a reasonable business up there, the boys didn’t want to come home and neither did I”

Hummmmm! Well I didn’t expect that

I’ll keep you posted

All the best Adrian