Who here is with Comcast?

Hello Guys, I’m new here. I have had a window cleaning business for 5 years now. It wasnt until a year ago when I actually understood that you could actually be comfortable doing this job ie Getting a better BOTB, Squeegee, Towels. etc. Its an amazing time we live in with forums and Youtube channels that we can save someone literally thousands of dollars and minutes that we would otherwise be learning by personal trial and error!

I digress! I am in a bit of a pickle, I have an 1800 number that I would like to request. Long story short, Comcast just wont give me the number as they own it unless I lock in a contract with them (Which I can’t even do, if I wanted to as I am currently resided in Toronto, Canada.) The only way I can get it according to them is if I have someone request it as a Comcast member, and transfer it to my VoIP service. I can pay for your time doing this. Right now this number is currently inactive.

If you or anyone you know would be able to do this, it would be a tremendous favor. A favor that I hope I can return in more than just $$.

All the best!


Im not sure how it it works in Canada, but in the US you can port a number to whatever provider you like. I would start with reputable VOIP service like RingCentral and see if they can help.

P.S. - Comcast can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Terrible company all around.

Hello Chris, thank you for your advice.

What’s funny is I have Ringcentral! I called them and they said unfortunately the number has to be in use in order to do that. All I need is for someone (a comcast user) to request it so it is activated, so they can transfer it to my Ringcentral acct.

Comcast can easily do this for me but they just dont want to bear this responsibility since I’m not a member. A good deed is like mining for gold these days.