Who sells backpack DI setups?

Anyone have a link/source for someone who sells a ready to go backpack style water tank for portable DI work?

not electric, but the hand pump kind

anything in particular anyone have from experience to add, look out for, set up tips, etc?


Yes, we use the $75.00 basic handpump backpack model from Lowes/HD. Unscrew the sprayer wand, and you’ll find it screws right into the 3/4" garden hose fitting, running straight to your WFP. Just make sure you only ever use it for Pure water. Its just for those handful of windows not worth the hose set up.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

We have a bid on a job that is all public walkways etc and figuring this would elimintate hose runs and lots of water all over tile walkways with this setup.

Hey Bruce buy one at harbor freight. I spoke to a window cleaner buddy of mine who does model homes exclusively. He bought one from home depot $75 and one from harbor freight $20 he said the pump quality is better AND that each pump goes further with his harbor freight pack. Hope this helps!

Yea the Harbor Freight ones are good.

Here is a Harbor Freight one on sale:

4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

I am also in the process of getting a couple but what is the biggest reason someone would want to go with a manual pump over battery???

thanks everyone

simplicity, battery = weight, pump etc etc, just a few windows, walk a ways, a few more etc etc

hey guys! CAn I sEE a picture of this setup & which WFP would you use to connect to this backpack. Thanks!