Who uses "ecover"?

I am testing various soaps suitable for window cleaning in Korea.
While I was using various soaps, I saw a past thread related to this product.
Does anyone still use this soap?

We used to , not anymore . We use dawn now , but that bottle should be good for window cleaning . Let us know what results you get

It was awesome soap in 2013… not sure what went wrong but I switched back to dawn in 2014 and haven’t been let down ever by dawn.

Ecover was great for a while, then they changed up the formula.

Also, if left to be in a spray bottle or bucket, Ecover degrades and starts to smell like a Penn Station bathroom = old urine.

I legit thought an employee peed in a bottle. Turns out it was the soap.

“dawn” soap was sold on the market in Korea under the name of “fairy.”
However, around last year, most European dishwashing agents disappeared from the market due to any issue in Korea.
It is not accurate, but I understand that one specific ingredient in those dishwashing agents has been rated low in the dishwashing product line.

I still lack experience to share my experience with you. I didn’t find any particular drawbacks, but I felt that Squeeze Slip was a little insufficient.

I used a translator. Keep that in mind.

I want to try “dawn,” but it’s a pity that it’s not easy to get in Korea. :rofl:

I saw in the past thread that ecover changed the formula.
But I couldn’t find an article about what kind of formula it changed and how it affects the use of soap for window cleaning. Please tell me in detail.

If I remember correctly, I asked the same question and the answer was they upped the glyceride content in Ecover, making it harder to clean with.

The big factor for switching back to Dawn for me was the scarcity of Ecover (and the stank of it degrading). I can go to any gas station and find Dawn or Joy in a pinch.

Thank you for your answer.
Maybe I didn’t see it in detail because I used this website through a translator. Since this is Korea, Dawn and Joy are not available on the market. Almost all of them have to be delivered overseas.
Thank you for explaining it in detail. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What translator are you using? It’s pretty spot on

This is the translator I used. :slight_smile: