Who's cleaning glass today?

I’m doing my neighbors sky light for him…

I have volunteered to clean all the windows in downtown Greensburg today for free! Still not sure if it was a good idea;-) they do a downtown clean up day once a year and we always volunteer to help with the cleanup and the week of we always offer $5 exterior storefront cleanings for anyone on the Square but this year Ivonne to myself to clean all of the windows in the downtown area for free. I always figured $5 was almost free and shouldn’t keep anybody from doing it but I still usually only had about six to ten people take me up on the offer so this year I just decided I would do them all.

I’m doing my own windows :smiley:

Dang that’s nice of you… Should build some great good will

We are trying no Saturdays this year. Made the decision to go 5-10 hour days instead of 6 8’s.

Office cleaning job and estimate in the afternoon.

Soft wash and about 20 dh

Sorry, what’s the question? I just woke up and drinking my coffee :slight_smile:

Received 2 calls yesterday requesting estimates. Cleaning glass all day today, tomorrow, and Monday through Friday next week I am starting a CCU. Since I am so busy next week I will be cleaning 3rd shift style, just to get everything done.

Soft washed two neighbors houses for free because that’s what neighbors do for neighbors.

The house next to me is for sale…

Played 3 hockey games today and now I feel like the Tin Man, but I’ll need to start hitting it hard soon, more snow coming tuesday.

For practice i cleaned all the outside windows of my brother in law’s home today for free. Took about 3 hours for 18 windows. Windows were extremely dirty and found myself doing quite a few of the windows more than once. Next week doing a friends house also for free. Had some setbacks with the bnl’s house but learned alot. Like i should have probably used a scraper but am a little leary and nervous about using a scraper this early in the game.

I think I may change my profile picture to show the job I did today. It beat me up it was 9 hours of waterfed pole work and I just woke up from my 4 hour nap.

I have done 6 hours with my old heavy pole. I don’t think I would even try 9 hours considering I am twice your age. That must have been real tough. I hope you were paid well for your efforts.

It was a state contract.

Had a date with Turbo Tax to finish up my last Sole Proprietor return. Now I need to get Quickbooks all fixed up to send in the data to the accountant to do the Corporate return. I have a few months.