Who's doing Christmas light installation this year?

Hey guys! who of you are doing Christmas light installs this year? Do you have any pictures of your set up? Thanks!

We are just getting our feet wet this year to see how we like it. Don’t have a set up yet but would love any advice out there. We just did the webinar from Josh Trees.

theres solid content on fb groups. I wouldnt recommend CLIPA though.

Why don’t you like clipa?? We used them and thought the training was great

If you join the Christmas light contractor group you’ll hear about others experiences with them, for me it was:

  1. They sold me their video training for $700 or $750 and I learned more from a $35 course on Udemy about light installation
  2. When I called to get advice on questions they weren’t helpful
  3. I purchased they’re leads and was burned by the experience through their qualifying process, and something with their guarantee/refund process (It was long enough ago I forgot the details.)