Why am I a brass squeegee?

[COLOR=Blue]When do I get to be a water fed pole? Or at least a SORBO Black Mamba…[/COLOR]:cool:

[B]Hey Steve it goes by the number of posts you have. I set this up early when I was still trying to figure everything out the board worked. I am completely open to suggestions if you have any.

New Member[/B] 0
[B]Brass Squeegee[/B] 10
[B]Silver Squeegee[/B] 250
[B]Gold Squeegee[/B] 1000
[B]Diamond Squeegee[/B] 2500
[B]Water Fed Pole[/B] 4000

[COLOR=Blue]Wow! I’m already a Black Mamba? Cool! :stuck_out_tongue: Lol!

I think your list is great, I was just playing around. [/COLOR]