Why am I not getting anything from my Facebook ad?

I haven’t gotten a single call from Facebook and I don’t know why. What am I doing wrong? Any criticism I’ll gladly take.

Facebook ads are tough. One thing I do see with friends who have service businesses in the area is they keep 1 ad up for months or years. Repetition is key. Also, I tend to think that finding an area of town to “hammer” with your ads is a good way to go about it. That is, if you are on a limited budget and can’t re-market to everyone. Find the neighborhoods that aren’t necessarily the most high end (because everyone hits those neighborhoods) but instead find the homes in the neighborhoods that have a ton of glass in cookie cutter type neighborhoods. Just advertise one neighborhood at a time and see what happens, because you don’t really know where Facebook ads are shown and how frequently they are shown to people in a medium to large city. Repetition is key. It’s a good looking ad but put maybe use a picture of a window cleaner cleaning windows. People see photos first. Especially if window cleaning isn’t in your name, show them who you are immediately.

Edit: You should be able to zero in on a specific area of town with Facebook ads. I’m not talking about door hangers and postcards.


I had three almost identical ads with different pictures. This one got the most attention so I deleted the other two and am running just this one for now. But I still don’t think I’ve gotten much out of it. About 5k impressions 3 link clicks and no calls

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Yeah, always hard to tell what works and what doesn’t. I had 2 customers in the last week or two tell me they saw my video on Facebook. I have a before and after video for blind cleaning that ran and did pretty well. Maybe try a video or slideshow of houses you’ve done, but definitely give the more ‘focused’ neighborhood approach a shot.

It could be many things. The ad is self could use Somme adjustment. Copy, headline & image.

But more important than that is your targeting. Tell me about your targeting set up.

I post on the garage sale pages for my area and get a lot of traffic that way. My best performing was when I posted a 20 exterior windows, screens and tracks cleaned for $75. I think they liked To see the price.


I’ve got my target set for a 45 mile radius around the business. Most of my calls come from all the towns around me it seems.

I’ve got an ad up for a free house wash that isn’t doing too hot even. But it just started the 20th. I’m going to try a video on it.

Yeah, I’d try to be more focused with your target. Facebook just overhauled the way they do ads, so I have yet to see what will come of a more current ad. I just set one up.

Audience = 2 mile radius/Men and Women/ages 40-65+.

Don’t know if this link will work…

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Also, listen to Chris. I very well could be wrong with my suggestions.

Honestly, facebook has been the only site that I’ve needed. I opened up another site, but it’s just to look legit I guess? That being said, I don’t pay for facebook ads.

I do the oldschool marketing. My storefronts are my main residential hookups. I treat storefronts like they are resi… and I get a lot of people walking up for quotes. Owners too.

Neighbors walk up and ask for quotes when doing residential. I use signs that you stuff in the grass.

For me, wearing a collared shirt tucked in with my logo, a clean look, and decent skill has gone a long way. I don’t intend to get huge in this. Maybe a crew of 4, and a couple hot college girls to do some flyer stuff during summer break would keep me busy when August rolls around.

I roll differently, and It’s working out so far. It’s still fun!


I would tone down that radius a little bit.

Facebook advertising is so deep I could type to you here for 500 straight hours and barely scratch the surface.

But in short here is what I would do for targeting.

  1. Niche down and speak to your most probable customer.
  2. Target 1 zip code at a time maybe ten different zip codes max
  3. Speak to that specific zip code in your ad


Download this market assessment & go through it. Pay attention to the demographics part.


Tighten up who you are speaking to with each ad


Make sure the Facebook Master Pixel is installed on your website. Use that to create an audience of visitors that hit your site. They are likely great leads. Suck them back in with offers.

Up Load Your Current Customer List

Create an audience of people that used your service previously

Show them ads to get back on the schedule
Create a look a like audience off them it will be just as good as your actual customer list

Test New Ads Regularly

3 Main elements to your ad

  1. Copy
  2. Headline
  3. Image

All important.


Equally as important as everything I mentioned above is the actual landing page the ad clicks to. If the landing page sucks so will your results and call volume.

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Here I made you a new ad up in my account to show you something that I would run instead of what you are running. No pressure to try it just a suggestion:



Thanks guys, I’m making some changes. We’ll see how it goes I appreciate all the advice. Looks like I’ve got a lot of facebook marketing to research.

My offers get amazing response in terms of offers accepted, but two offers in over the last two months have resulted in zero calls even with one “selling out”. Not seeing the ROI yet.

get someone to comment below your ad "when can you book me in? "


We are at the beginning of a good rush right now. I feel it in my gut. There’s gonna be 4-5 hot years in front of us before the market is saturated. Those that figure this out as fast as possible are going to make a lot of :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: in the next couple of years. I can feel it.