Why do they design it like that?

Bid on a big job yesterday. Three story home on the water. The interior foyer is open all the way up to the third floor from front door to back door with the left and right side as living space! 38 Small windows (2’ x 2’) on the top floor that open by remote control with screens attached. Being a remodel of course construction dust everywhere and THOSE windows and screens are pretty dirty. There is a decorative metal landing under those windows all around the top floor - or better stated - the top row of windows. The only way I see to get to them safely is set up a scaffolding and with new marble floors would have to lay down sheets of plywood to protect the floor. The architect should be shot! hahaha. Why make windows that WILL at some point require cleaning so inaccessible? Could actually open them and clean from the tile roof - that poses a breakage problem to the ceramic tiles - but the screens remove from the inside so cleaning the construction dust from them will be tough! Ugh.