Why Do You Buy Where You Buy?

If you are like me you order everything online. What keeps you coming back to the same place over and over? What is the best part of doing business with them (answer in poll above)

If you would not mind, list in order of importance how you feel about the above mentioned answers. (1 being best)

4 – Price
3 – Fast/dependable shipping
2 – Selection
1 – Great customer service
N/A – No reason, I have not looked around

Defo - the great customer service. i.e. backup, insurance option, call back to see if it was received, everything that was ordered arrived/right size etc.
Selection is also a key point due to postage for me.
The dependable postage/shipping doesn’t work in Spain.

  1. great customer service
  2. price
  3. selection
  4. dependable shipping

It’s tough to rate these in any order because I feel these are all key things to gain my business. one can slide if the others make up for it. I’m picky that way. Just my 2 cents.

Well, for a reasons you did not post in the survey.

My supplier is based in the city I live in - Toronto. As you may or may not know, Squeegees.net - is really Canada Cleaning Supplies. Their warehouse is in Toronto, about 25 minutes away from where I live. So proximity is a factor. I also get to touch the products before buying, you know, the difference in buying something from a bricks and mortar store than online.

I’m also apprehensive about ordering something from the States, becuase of shipping fees, duty, processing fees and the like.

That’s nice that they let you buy directly from their warehouse.

A good friend of mine that lives in Denver buys his supplies from. Unfortunately they won’t let him pick up his orders from their warehouse, so they ship it to him even though they are in the same city. The reason they give him is that they are not set up to sell directly from their warehouse.

I can’t really choose one of your options. I prefer to buy local in my state. I have not had to purchase much this year. A couple of scraper covers and just recently a ladder stopper. I was ordering from but want to order from Chris. He will get my next order for stuff soon. My seaon is a little slow here, It’s like pulling teeth for customers. I’m filling my work week but that’s happening at the start of the week. 1 day no calls. Monday 5 calls. go figure. So I don’t want to purchase anything new right now. But my last guy stole some of my tools and quit. I did not know about it till the other day when I needed my procurve and the squeegee was gone. Then I noticed 2 scubbers missing, 2 razors and my ledger. Not to happy about it. Let me see this kid on the road riding his motorcycle. Can you say, bumpy, bump lol. Ok enough rabmling today. It nice out, 12 noon and I’m sitting round doing nothing. Time to go fishing.

Selection for me.

selection…don’t want to buy 2 things from here, 5 things from there and 1 from somewhere else…to much hassle sometimes. If the prices are right then sure, but selection would be the first thing I’m looking for then price and service.