Why do you get flustered about Larger Commercial Job?

It truly is amazing to me when you think about it. A large job is just a bunch of smaller jobs in one place.

Who here always gets nervous about bidding these larger Jobs?

I love the larger jobs, this means less drive time. Which should mean more money in the owners pocket.

Who here is still worried about the larger Jobs. Lets talk about the benefits as well as down falls.

I do not bid larger jobs lower because they have more volume. My production rate will likely increase.

How are you guys handling these?

Is it a myth that most will just go with the lowest bidder?

I absolutely love large jobs. If we could do one large job a week I would never answer another homeowners call.

I wouldnt say I get nervous about bidding them. I do get an adrenaline rush… I do have to be careful of over bidding. I am bad about that.

Like you mentioned I think the best benefits are cut down travel time and of course you only have to deal with one person to make say 5-10k instead of 50! I know when we do a ton of resi washes my bank account does okay and we stay busy. When we do large jobs I put damn good money in my pocket.

Also, someone once told me a pm wont try you out on one of their large properties… We sent info packets and intro letters (ooops…) to a handful of mgrs this week and now I have 2 hospital buildings to bid. :slight_smile: Maybe she wants to know if we are for real…

Your correct, there’s always some who want something for nothing. Good management knows they get what they pay for.

I prefer larger jobs, but from my experience the larger the job the harder it is to land.

Plus it is hard to even get the opportunity to bid on large stuff, and there is usually several companies bidding, if this is the case, you better cut your price in half cause some sucker will do it for 30% of your quote.

Not to mention the net 30 payment terms associated with large commercial jobs, this will create cash flow issues.
(Ron, do you ask for a % upfront?)

Other than that I love large jobs, its all I would do if I had the option. Running all over town for $200 jobs sucks…

Do you know how long it will take to receive payment after the work is done?
How often have you had collection problems?

I love small jobs!!! I get bored being in one place for too long. The drive to the next job is like a little break and I can grab something to eat without feeling guilty for not working. That being said there are not many large commercial jobs where I am

I think the problem is the time consumed in a large quote.and off course the red tape. I always go for the large jobs. The one main point is on the pre award meetings to get [B]your[/B] points across about payements, Add to’s and any other items so they are added to the countract. always put a hourly rate for add on work and times for payements weekly, monthly bi, monthly sign them down to a contract. a single quote can take weeks so make sure you add that time in. or give up and call a consultant in like me and let me sweat it out lol

What do you put in your packet and who do u address it to?

I don’t have the daily option this year of splitting crews (down to one work vehicle currently). I spent last night and the night before working up a quote on a job I looked at Wednesday. It would be my first 5 figure gig if I do get it. My worry is getting the agreement right so that I have cash flow and potentially being unable to handle August if I get a lot of other calls after the fact.

I like being in a large office park, for days on end.
Eating at their cafeteria’s, becoming familiar with their staffs, etc…

When I was young, it was better than going to a bar.
(if you know what I mean) :smiley:

Is it a myth that most will just go with the lowest bidder?

most are now looking into the back grounds of the companys who bid. many have had problems in the past with low bids as it costs them more to put right faults or replace the contractor. this does not mean a intermidiate bid will win A good Honest bid that shows you have done your homework and are able to do the job is one that wins

Sorry Trevor, I won’t cut my cost to try to land it. No way. If they want cheap then go with the guys that leave more streaks then a scared teenager car surfing… :smiley:

More windows = more work which in mind also = more $

If you come in with something that is gonna make you five bucks an hour they will not work with you. But the lowest “reasonable” (to them) bid will many times win.

Just started a thread about why people loose these type of Jobs. Price is a myth for the reason. Its often a better excuse to tell you that than your not experienced enough.

Just started a thread about this, price is not as much of the factors as one thinks.

thats great Dan, good luck, hope you get it!

I like bidding larger jobs, sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, but good planning and being organized makes it easier.Its great making $200+ hr instead of $80.00. But i also like my smaller jobs, I like the variety and different challenges each job offers. Sometimes I feel a little added pressure or feeling of having to prove myself because im a woman bidding a large commercial job. Just have to be confident I guess.

200 dollars an hr? Is this with a water fed pole? Just curious.