Why I am disappointed!

You’ve seen Micah’s YouTube video on gutter cleaning, right?

Or this:

What could be easier?

Well, the folks who make Gutter Zap are located in my backyard, so I went over and talked to the owner. Bought a quart and came home to try it out on my own home.

I’ve lived in this home for about seven years, and I’ve never cleaned or whitened the gutters. Needless to say, the exterior of these formerly white gutters is now a deep gray with a little hint of green mixed in.

I mixed up the Gutter Zap at 3:1 just like the label says, dipped in my MarxOff scrubby thing attached to my Unger pole, swabbed a 10’ section and waited about two minutes. Then I hosed the whole thing down just like Micah…boy, this is easy, I said to myself.

Except that the gutters weren’t white. Oh, sure, they were now a whiter shade of pale, but not white. So, I repeated the whole process. No change.

Next, I poured in the rest of the bottle of Gutter Zap making the proportions 1:1. Swab and rinse. No change.

So, I got out my extension and my handy, new Ladder’s Little Helper (a must-have, IMO), and scrubbed down a new section with a huck dipped in the 1:1 solution. Then, I scrubbed it with a stiff brush and rinsed with the garden hose.

The hand-scrubbed section is cleaner than the swabbed section, but still not white.

Bottom line: No homeowner would pay for the results I got today.

Is there something more to this than Micah’s video suggests? Are these gutters simply too far gone? Or should I try Gutter Grenade instead?

I have had better results with gutter gernade

Other factors could be at play. Have the gutters been painted etc?

The prices I hear on here for gutter whitening i would love to get but can not get close. Had a guy last week call in requesting it as an add on, told him $75 for 200 feet as we were gonna be there doing many other things, that was too much. Another guy with 300 feet wanted it for $125

Back to your orginal point, never tried it bit I’ve hears good off does wonders when gutter whitening

What was the outside temperature?

I ran through my one gallon bottle a few months ago. I had great results every time I’ve used it except for once. The front of the house turned out great, the back…looked the same way you described.

Not sure why, but the stuff does work well for me most of the time. And it is a hard sell most of the time.

Mid-80’s…a pleasant, low humidity day here in the southland.

ive used gutter zap with good results, but most of time we use clorox clean up, works great. Just watch your clothes , the bleach can spot them. I do wet down any plants , etc still in case the spray goes onto them. Just did a $550.00 whitening job painted gutters w/clorox, excellent results. I use crud cutter too, works well and can find locally.Weve been doin a lot of whitening jobs lately, not sure why, but not complaining…

I think two minutes is too long. They should come clean after a few seconds of scrubbing and rinse immediately

The clorox won’t touch carbon run-off stains, will it? Seems like it would work well if there was just mildew on them

Some gutters just don’t come clean. Don’t know why but I have read posts on different forums talking about this. We use gutter grenade and have never had a problem brush the product on let it sit a couple mins and then brush/scrub the gutters. Sometimes it takes a couple of applications. I always tell the customers that some gutters won’t come clean. No charge if they don’t.

when the clorox doesnt work we will use gutter zap or crud cutter, something stronger. When giving an estimate on whitening, i always whiten a small 1-2 ft section for the customer so they will see the results, some come cleaner than others, if theyre satisfied, we usually get the job, but they know ahead of time just how clean theyre gonna look. Usually its a very dramatic difference next to the uncleaned section.