Why is a Sorbo better on storefronts than Ettore brass?

I’ve always used Ettore brass squeegees. Why do some or should I say most of you guys doing storefronts prefer Sorbo? Is the rubber as good as Ettore? Does it cost more to use Sorbo rubber?

WHY SHOULD I SWITCH? :sunglasses:

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I love ettore brass. With that being said as soon as you creep over 18" with a standard channel they become less effective on the edges and can bow easily,
Also sorbos are more forgiving which is why I always tell people when they start out to ALWAYS learn with a standard channel coz if you learn with a sorbo, you probably will struggle greatly adapting to a standard channel, where as the other way works perfectly.

I love sorbos I pretty much only use sorbos for storefront work unless there are many lugs or in glass handles to navigate then a smaller more precise channel is needed or a lot of detailing.
my smallest sorbo in normal use is 22" largest is 30", I use standard channels for anything smaller.


So I don’t have to switch everything eh? Just the one large squeegee? Nice idea, thanks.

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I love that they are wide bodied.
Try some straight pulls on a pole with a Sorbo and you will see how great they work.

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Mike … for me it was just the feel. I could work just as good with Ettore as Sorbo.
Sorbo an a Minja handle yes it feels really balanced it’s hard for me to say why is one better than the other it’s been so long since I used an Etttore super channel.
Before Sorbo I tried the ninja channel. That thing sucked for me. Pulling the rubber in an out was a drag. Those stupid end clips drove me nuts. Not that it didn’t perform well it did
Once I got that Sorbo , An felt it in my hand I was like this is it man.
I called my buddy who had been a sorbo user for many years , An said " I can’t belive I didn’t try this sooner" it’s all he used an I worked with him many times kept saying il try it some day. Well I went with the ninja first just cause it looked cool An come on ninja. What a great name :sunglasses:


What about the rubber?

I think it’s better than Ettore. I have not one problem ever with Sorbo rubbers.
I remember occasional having problems with Ettore rubbers. Even right out of the box. I’ve thrown away many Ettore runners right out of the gate. Never once have I had to throw away a Sorbo
Btw I’m talking over many years. Not that the runners were bad constantly
Which last longer ? that I just can’t tell ya don’t remember. If I had to guess I would say Sorbo. Which performs better ? I would say sorbo. Not saying it’s way better either. Ettore are good rubbers


Now why do most shy away from using wide body channels on residential?

The style of windows in my area really make using the liquidator channels a huge time saver, Every job this week i shaved time of each repeat job, i used to use sorbos for resi but its faster if i don’t unless there are nasty huge ass panes.


Are the smaller sized sorbos any good? Like how bout a 14" on a ninja handle?

(I bought a 22" to try but have been too busy forcing myself to perfect the excelerator.)


You can send it to me and I’ll try it out for you… :laughing::sweat_smile:

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Lol… Right? I really need to use that sucker. It was so expensive… I was a bit leery when the company didn’t show the shipping price at checkout. It ended up nearly doubling the final price, which i didn’t find out until I audited my credit card statement!

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Uh oh!

I have a 4, 8, 16 22 24 26 30 36 Sorbo
I don’t care for the 36 even on large panes.
They all work well. I only use ninja handles the Sorbo handle sucks.
I have a 6 12 14 16 18 22 ss ettore I like them but I mostly use them in residential. But I still prefer Sorbo because they close out better on deep ledges

I have 8 12 18 I think. Liquidators. I have a love hate relationship with them. Some time I use them a lot. Then I say f this thing and they collect dust for a month or so.


It’s performs great! Even on rough glass it’s great. And it’s long lasting.
Loving it!
The worst I’ve tried = Unger rubber

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I use for example the 12 and 10. Works awesome. Good closing out.
When I use Sorbo channels like a hand tool, not on poles, I like to have them on a Ettore Contour Pro + handle.
Heavenly match!

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Totally disagree I find it gold, I’m short so I love the ability to slide the channel up, lock it in place and use it as an extension, great for balustrades that are too high to reach the bottom as well, been using it this way for over 15 years and still to this day. I have a weekly where the glass I can reach if I hold the end of the 22 washer( note: not the handle) and then flip the lever extend the sorbo out and reach those panes 1 stroke to where I can reach then clean as normal
That being said I have never been an unger fan since early on. I have never had a problem with the sorbo handle found them to be have extreme longevity, one problem they can have is the main screw can come to a point where it can longer be tightened but the articulation is still too lose, to resolve this issue use ceramic washers they are very very thin and work wonders.

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I just never liked the feel of anything 18" an under when it comes to wide body channels

you might be ok with it give it a go . For me 22" am above wide body

The ninja handle is the best in my opinion with a wide body channel


Ninja handles do the same thing. I just prefer the angle on the ninja better. I can still use the Sorbo handle with out a problem but it requires me to change my angle when it comes to pole work

Totalt agree! It’s a great handle. Close outs so great!