Why is bathroom glass tempered, but mirrors aren't?

Is the bathroom the most common place to throw a fit? The most convenient place to slip and bust your ass while throwing a bar of soap through a window?

I would imagine it would be more common for someone to look in the mirror and break it after thinking it’s an intruder?

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  1. Are you talking about prison mirrors?

  2. What are you drinking to see your reflection as an intruder?

I would think mirrors are less deadly because there’s usually a wall behind them which makes “explosive” shatter more difficult unless you’ve got a creepy 2 way mirror for some reason?

Mirrors would be tempered if the building codes required it, but they don’t, so it isn’t.

  1. Prison mirrors are metal and bolted on with uni-directional screws.

  2. I wasn’t drinking, but have seen footage of animals in the wild freak out and attack the mirror, hence the association.

I was just goofing around with the body of my post, but the idea was sparked by a thought as to why bathroom windows are tempered.

Sorry for digging up an old one but thought I would answer it for anyone interested,mirrors are not toughened/tempered because they can’t be,the silver backing won’t tolerate the toughening process,options for safety mirrors are applying a vynal backing to it so if it breaks the mirror is held together by the vynal,an absulute must when doing large mirrors in gyms etc.The other option is to custom silver glass that is already toughened but quality is not great,mirrors are made from SQ(special quality) glass for it’s absolute clarity but when you custom silver a piece of normal clear toughened it shows up all the defects in the glass and is very wavy looking,looks really terrible so is not widely done,you can get acrylic mirror too


Tempered is like a safety glass, stronger and breaks so no cutting.

Something you can fall into/thru.

A mirror has a counter in front of it so cant really fall on it.