Why we use Sorbo Handles

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The channel release under the Sorbo handle is why I use Ettore.

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A longer channel would have been easier or a pole…just saying.


She got soap all over that tree leaves, going to get on the windows.


or a small step ladder


Or, a taller person:grin:

He’s got some good videos with some good pointers.

He’s also got some I wouldn’t want my customer’s to watch.

I like my Sorbo and I’ve used this technique before… the thing you have to mindful of if you attempt this is that you lose pressure on the “long” end. So the longer the channel the less pressure as you get further away from the handle.


We use Ettore so we can do the same thing. You can also do this with the Excelerator (although a little longer process). I find this technique especially useful when we clean windows behind steel gates (theft deterrent). I prefer the smaller channels (not superchannels) for this.

Agreed, I like Sorbo as well.

She also gave up more mechanical advantage and blade control when she moved that swivel handle to run parallel with the channel. When hand squeegeeing, with the handle that far off the center of the channel, she should try to maintain at least a 20-30 degree angle to the channel. From 0-20 degrees you don’t really gain any more reach, but you have less blade control, as can be seen in the video.

This can be done with any squeegee. Even one without a handle. Personally I prefer the Unger ninja handle with the Sorbo channel as the swivel can be locked to a fixed position.

The length of channel in the video didn’t make for a good example of this technique. At 22"-36" this can be done with any wide body channel. But, with the more traditional channels Ettore brass, etc… the longer the channel length the less blade control you have compared to the wide bodies.

Your title says “Why we use Sorbo HANDLES”. So I was only assuming it was about the handle not the channel. That’s fine if it’s about the Sorbo squeegee and not just the handle. I am just clarifying my comment. Also just to be sure my comment is in a respectful tone. I am not intending to be critical of the video. I’m just engaging in the conversation.

With that in mind my point was that that you can do the same thing with any handle and You can even do it with no handle at all and just a channel. The point was this isn’t an advantage of a Sorbo handle.

If we are just talking handles, the Unger Ninja channel has the advantage of locking the swivel to a fixed handle and unlocking so it can swivel and it works well with the Sorbo channels. For this reason I prefer it over the Sorbo handle. Also the Sorbo handle quick release lever tends to break over time because the plastic gets brittle.

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I see your points. I agree with you.

And, I found the title misleading as well.

I’ll have look into the ninja. There have been time I’ve had to really tighten the swivel screw down to maintian blade control.

Thanks for the info.

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I think the little lady just needs a stump ladder. :sunglasses:

They are usually made from an old piece of extension ladder.


Aw it’s so cute.

“why we use sorbo handles”

Because the rubber handle on the aluminum handle series is really pleasant and comfortable, its rudimentary appearance without embellishment allows optimal grip whatever the technique or style used.
As for the body of the squeegee, it resembles the aluminum model from Pulex but with a much superior finish.
Speaking of this, I realize that the equipment sold under the Sorbo brand resembles those sold by Pulex but with a qualitative added value each time.

For example :

T-Bar alu Pulex

T-Bar alu Sorbo