Why winter window cleaning sucks!

I’m sure many window cleaners in warmer climates are getting a little sick of us northerners complaining all the time about the winter cold and snow. Well I’m sure like many of my sub zero° colleagues, it’s not really the cold or snow that we hate. It actually comes down to the challenge of doing a good job during this kind of weather.

The thing I’ve always appreciated about this weather is the fact that you can dress for it. I often shovel driveways for extra coin and do so without letting the temperatures getting me down.

But when it comes to window cleaning, there are many aggravations. Heavy mitts/gloves stand in the way of doing a proper detailing job. I often pull off one glove when detailing some windows. I also get frustrated getting my detailing towel in and out of my pocket or belt because you don’t have any sense or feelings in your fingers. (to my southern friends, throw on some oven mitts then try detailing french windows and get back to me.)

You also have to work much quicker in the winter because even tho you’ve added something (your choice) into your window cleaning solution to prevent freezing, sometimes it’ll still freeze if not squeegeed off quick enough.

Once in a while during the cold months the temperature goes up several degrees and it is actually quite pleasant to clean windows in the winter time, but unfortunately those occasions are too rare.

Thanks for checking out my rant.

As you were.

All I can say is Amen Mark!!:wink:

double amen!

Your winter window cleaning pains are being felt here too Mark, even in the south.

Cleaning windows was awful yesterday, it was 30, that was the high. Now I know that may warm and comfortable to you, but that’s very chilly here.

It was actually the first time I’ve cleaned windows and the water freeze on the glass… and freeze the squeegee to the pole… and freeze in the bucket between jobs. I was using windshield washer fluid, but maybe not enough. I’ve always had enough play in the week to avoid working in the cold, but this week was busy, and I didn’t have a choice.

It’s amazing how much slower you work in the cold.

Yes the winter cold blows. -4 f Wed morning here in NW Missouri. With 25 mph winds. You can deal with the cold. But that wind…

Another thing to worry about in the winter time is dehydration. A Lot of ppl dont realize this. but you are more likely to become dehydrated in the winter than in the summer. Keep those fliuds a comin guys and gals. :smiley:

I hate working in the winter so bad that I need to go mix a drink just for you brining it up…

We are moving to a warmer climate and I can’t wait.

I did a house today in/out. After last nights snow storm and constant flurries today. Temp was around -3° C (26.6°F). I actually had a great day. It was all casement windows and I made my mind up early I was going to pole the whole job (outsides).

Results: Took me 3 hrs 45 minutes. Last time (1.5 years ago) it took me 5 hrs. I was so happy today. Lesson for you kids, get your poling skills sharpened up, saves a whole bunch of time.

Tip: If you do the inside of the house first, your body warms up so much you don’t feel too cold when you go out later to do the outsides.

But…Winter still sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really do have much respect to you Northen guys… working in in anything below 65ºF is just BURRR to me.

I wonder if ice-sickle knocking done would be a good service :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny you bring this up. I like to do it the opposite so I can warm up at the end of the job. Even when I’m doing outs I try to do the shady side first and finish on the sunny side. Different strokes eh?

If I warmed up at the end of the job my nose would run like crazy. LOL

on the bigger jobs always start inside if you can, generally its colder in the morning, and warms up as the day progresses. get your insides done then go outside, it may be a bit warmer than when you first arrived at the job. Just make sure you put fresh very cold water in your bucket before adding your methyl hydrate or wwf to the solution so that the alcohol content doesn’t evaporate out of your bucket once outside.

and yes there are days when no matter what you do you jsut cannot keep the solution for slushing up even just a little bit. this past week i had that happen a few times when the wind picked up. and i ahd to switch from my usually wwf rated at -40 to using the de-icer wwf rated to -49C and even that wasn’t working so hot. and that was almost straight with a drop of soap in it.

I hate it when that happens!:wink:

Do you ever get people looking at you like your an idiot or something for cleaning windows when it’s freezing? I have people always comment how it’s too cold and that I’m crazy. I just say it doesn’t keep the windows from getting dirty or my bills from coming in. It’s funny b/c they tell me I’m crazy but I’m probably also making more than they are.

I have the same prob. people will look and stare when I am washing in 2 feet of snow or the rain is coming down. People here freak when the weather is bad. It also might be that I don’t really get cold so more often than not I will be outside and wearing a t shirt and sometimes shorts when it’s only 30 out. I can say I am glad it doesn’t get so cold that we need heavy winter gloves. Most of the time I just wear glove liners with a surgical glove over that to keep the water out. this year has been nice. I do feel for you all up north. I hate it when the cold freezes the snot to your face.

I think I am crazy for freezing to death, forget them…

I don’t think those are mutually exclusive.