Will i be under gunned with this pressure washer 3.5 gpm

Costco - The Water Blaster 4200 Honda 390cc Commercial Series Engine Pressure Washer

Someone else said that they use one of these says it works well for em. I’ve been doing the research and this seems to suite my needs and price best.

Lowes has all of these

Shop Lawn & Garden : Outdoor Power Equipment : Pressure Washers at Lowes.com

But the net step up is significantly more expensive. Will this first pressure washer get me through well enough cleaning houses and possibly some sidewalk type work?

If that’s all you can get then make it work. Use low pressure nozzles and softwash. It will be a little slower, but until you have so much work that you can’t get it done with that machine just deal with it and make money.

You’d be okay…but I would suggest getting at least 4gpm, 5gpm pressure washer. It’ll make a rather large difference in getting stuff done compared to at 3.5gpm. You’ll be happy that you got one. Some of the guys on this forum have pressure washers that do 8 gpm. The guys at Pressure Tek or Sun Brite Supply can help you out on it. I’d advised against getting something at Lowes, Home Depot, or costco. From my experience, those pressure washer pumps don’t last very long…even when taking care of them.

I recommended the one from costco they have a great return policy if your not happy.

Theres no way im paying for shipping on a pressure washer. I took the hit with my WFP and it stung bad. local chains are my most viable choices.

try a local pressure washing supply company in your area…if possible. Maybe they have some decent washers. I didn’t realize you were in hawaii. Perhaps there’s a pw supply company that don’t charge extra for shipping to hawaii??? Id recommend a belt drive…but if you have a direct drive pressure washer and the pump goes out, you could purchase a quality pump as opposed to the whole pressure washer.

fyi from what i saw…sun brite supply has free shipping for a pressure washer from what I saw. Maybe I’m wrong but take a look.

One of my washers died and I ran to Lowes for a quick replacement. I opened the box to load in truck and they had the wrong pump I brought it back in the store they had to call everyone for me to explain it had the wrong pump, they finally gave me the one off the shelf.

Probably an AR pump vs. a General.