Win a ninja!

I have been following this forum for some time now and wanted to jump in to announce our new Ergo Tec Ninja Squeegee. This is the first new Window Squeegee to hit the market in many years and I am proud to say it is the best squeegee Unger has ever produced. The handle is very comfortable in the hand with rubber inlays similar to our Ergotec. We incorporated a swivel handle, locking cone and a first ever hourglass design for the thumb and index finger. This squeegee just feels great in your hands. The Channel Locking mechanism is all new and is hard to describe in words. We designed it so the channel can never accidentally fall out of the handle - all the high rise cleaners can work safely with the Ninja.

The aircraft aluminum channels (8”-36”) are incredibly strong and light weight plus they use the standard Unger rubber. An industry first are the revolutionary new smart clips. We listened to all of you out there who hate the small clips that get lost and are pain to work with. These clips are integral to the channel and hold - release the rubber with the push of your thumb. You can even tighten the rubber when the clips are locked. We have smashed the clips against thousands of widow frames and dropped them from 15 feed with no damage – but should they ever break you can replace them easily. For all of you Sorbo fans out there, the Sorbo channels will also fit into the Ninja handle – so you don’t have to abandon your old channels. Chris has done a great job showing the Ninja in his video.

I hope you are as excited as we are. Want a chance to test drive a Ninja before they hit the market? We’re giving away 5 Ninja’s every day until April 8th. Just text NINJA to 96362 or visit Unger-Global for your chance to be the first to show off your new Ninja.

Mark Unger
Unger Enterprises, Inc,

Does the Ninja connect well (lock) with Ettore Poles? Or will it require an adapter of some sort?

The Unger Ninja will connect well with Ettore pole tips but the locking function will not connect.

Ahh- good to know.

I guess it depends on the pole- but I’m guessing it’s a fairly snug fit at least?

Or would it just fall off easily?

Does the Unger locking cone work with the Ninja?

For sure.

The Unger Ninja will still have a snug fit on other brand poles.

I’m hoping for a zero degree handle as part of the Ninja line. I would make the line complete in my opinion.

Hey Mark thanks for posting!

This a really great product, that all window cleaners are going to love. I really like how the Unger Ninja Squeegee accepts regular rubber, that going to put over the top.