Win a ticket to NOLA 2012

NOLA 2012 Networking Event Simply add this free product to your shopping cart and checkout. On Friday the 13th 2012 we will randomly pick one winner to receive the free ticket. Check out theproductdetails for full schedule of events. Last … Continue reading →


Hey Chris. It won’t add to cart or allow you to buy. I am assuming that if I win I can give it away since I already signed up over a month ago.

Put it in your wish cart then check out…

yea I guess you could Randy

If its not allowing you to add it… Please clear your cache and it will resolve the problem.

I cleared the cache and it still did not work. I added to wish list and then to cart and it did work.

Hmm what browser are you using?

Android browser on my Samsung tablet.

Awesome, wishlist to cart works great. Thanks Chris and Thad!

I’m in. Thanks.

Same issue on Chrome Chris. Even after clearing cache. Dang, none of your competitions like me!

Yea we are still plugging away at the glitch its not quite right in chrome yet… FF may do the trick for you.

F FF. Bulky piece of crap. haha

This would be sweet to win. I would love to meet everybody. Count me in :wink:

Just to make sure, I don’t think this is a Ron Musgrave’s “post to win” kinda deal… Make sure you enter the contest by placing the free product in your cart and checking out.

See Ya’ll in NOLA!

Exactly… Thank you sir!!

Using Firefox I had clicked “add to cart” and it displayed a “loading box” and wouldn’t add NOLA to the cart.

What you have to do is add to “Wish List” then click “Add to Cart”…should work then!

I used Chrome on our laptop and it seemed to work out just fine, after I was logged in.

This would be cool. If we win, then my wife gets to come with. If not. . .maybe next year for her :slight_smile: