Win Mate Easel for sale $100

Hey Everyone,
I bought this easel a few years ago. Only used it one time. Excellent condition. $100
Either email me or call if interested

I threw away the easel. Sorry guys!

Wait it’s gone? Ill take it if not…

Honestly I would have given it away. I didn’t need it. You should have contacted me sooner!

I didn’t see it till now… Those things are a hot commodity… Very hard to get.

I told my fiance’ I was shocked that over 60 people looked at this post. And no one contacted me for it. I thought a lot of people use them to clean storms.


Oh balls! I use modified 5’ step ladder as an easel for storms and Pella inserts, works well but it is balky to transport in an SUV. I could carry it on the roof, it appears, though, that I would rather cuss a few times getting it to fit in the cabin. Wish I would have seen this earlier!

P.S. Nice mention in Kevin’s book. What you are doing is precisely the direction I want to go in - a value rich service providing a legendary customer experience.

Chris, I’ve got one I’ll trade you something for.

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Actually, you’ve done enough for me. It’s yours. Just gotta figure out shipping.

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Very cooooool :cool: That’s the way to pay it forward … great example.

wow, thats too bad. The winmate has been the #1 time saving tool for me over the past 15 years!! It was expensive, but worth every penny. A ladder easel doesnt compare.

i love mine,don’t get rid of it you will need it as soon as it’s gone!!

I need the trays for the winmate! I wish I had seen this post earlier. I have used this product for 12 years and love it!! What a relief for your knees and back😊. Here’s hoping someone can produce something to replace it soon.

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Wee Due Windows :sunglasses: