Window alarm sensors

So I got a quarterly residential job that when I’m done cleaning the windows , she can not activate her alarm because I apparently do something to the window alarm censors . Every time I go for the last year and a half she has to call the alarm company to come and fix them when I’m done. Yesterday I asked her to activate the alarm while I was still there and she couldn’t activate it , it said 1 window and 2 sliders are still open . I triple checked everything , I dont touch the censors or wet them . It’s the only house I have gotten this problem . She did say they work fine until I show up . Im I missing something ?? I really don’t want to loss this account . Thx

Ask the alarm company what it is that is causing it every time.


That’s what I told her to call me when the alarm company goes so I can ask them what’s causing it . Just wanted to see if anybody had some insight or if it has happen to them also

Do the window screens have sensors?

no it’s not the screen but the window . It has them little magnetic sensors on the side .

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I don’t know why the sensors would mess up after you clean the windows. They should just line up with the sensor on the wall and that’s it? Weird. I would see if you could get one of the alarm techs number and talk to them to see what’s happening. We had a Similar issue with a large house but the screens we’re alarmed. Turns out just plugging in the screen isn’t enough. There’s magnets in the screens and window frame and you have to make sure those magnets are touching otherwise the alarm won’t set.

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