Window bid: 4 roll up garages (for fire trucks) plus office admin. windows ADVICE?


We’ve had a family owned/operated janitorial business for over 25 years. We don’t do nearly as much window cleaning, mostly janitorial work. So, I need advice on a competitive bid.

Photo is linked here:


Everything 1/month, Inside & Out

4 roll up garage doors (pictured) (28 panels each)
(current fireman/maintenance worker says it takes him 1 hour per roll up door.)

–[B]Admin office windows Side 1 /B looks like 20 panels, various sizes, inside I would be working around desks etc.

Admin office windows Side 2 (not pictured, but same as above just on other side of building) again I will be working around desks, tables, etc.

Admin office windows Side 3/Entrance Doors (not pictured) 8 large door size windows on the front/atrium entrance plus about 10 panels of the horizontal style type windows that were pictured

Other info that may be helpful:
Just a note: I’m also going to provide stripping/refinishing quarterly, nightly cleaning, and yearly carpet cleaning. Just letting you know if that effects pricing. *Note I’d like advice only on the bid for the window cost.

–I’m almost positive they have a ladder that was specific for the garage doors since they cleaned them before (plus they are a fireman :))

–In your experience can I charge more for tax dollar funded operations?

–This is located in the midwest, I’m estimating 450? We’ll hire a worker to clean the building and windows. Am I in the ballpark?


Photo is linked here:

Nice building. $450 for all the work or just the windows? It’s hard to say what to charge. Knowing what the competitive rate is would help. You might want to consider subbing out a window cleaning. I think a competent window cleaner with professional tools could knock out those bay doors in half the time mentioned. $450 might be a fair price for the window cleaning imo.

Thanks Jet…I’m glad I got a response (I’m sure the regulars get swamped with new members)

Yes the 450 was my guestimate for WINDOWS only…I’m proud I was in the ballpark.

I rather not sub it out. Watched some ehow/youtube vids and I’d enjoy learning the cool techniques this industry offers, plus I was really impressed by the advanced window gadgets.

I dont like to branch out from the core business of janitorial cleaning but further education on windows will never hurt.

Ideally, I’d like to hire someone for both the janitor and window cleaning.

We’ll see…may not even win the account.

First, good for you for going for window cleaning! It can be very profitable and rewarding, and a relatively easy add-on for a janitorial company. Everything you need for WC’ing (knowledge & tools) are right here on WCR.

in my experience, municipal organizations (tax supported) have very tight maintenance budgets. That doesn’t mean that going after these won’t be profitable, though. You just need to be able to sell them on the benefits of using your company instead of paying their fireman/maintenance guy ;).

Will u be cleaning these windows every month? I think that $450-$550 would be competitve for a first time, detailed clean. But it will be very hard to convince them to part with much money on a monthly basis. Typically, regular maintenance cleanings can be done much more quickly than a first time clean; and probably the inside of the office windows would only need to be cleaned every few months

Happy bidding!


It is once a month. I may adjust it. I did think about the office windows like you did. I really doubt they actually need it that often. How dirty do the office insides get? Not too much imo.

In all honesty, I just based it on what my time is worth…basically the first time. I would become infinitely faster at the task even the second time around. But I don’t like to underbid and look like a fly by night operation

Thanks for the advice I’ll talk it over and adjust my other prices too to get a good monthly cost. Again, I might not even get the account.