Window bleeding

Is there some kind sealant that I can use to stop window bleeding

Are we talking traditional methods? If so…dish soap is notorious for bleed back thats one reason i dont like it & 2 wetting the window (top portion) with a horizontal application ie:strip washer is another way of course LESS soap is always always better in helping with cryer’s.

thats one reason i dont like…cryer’s

Whaddu call him? Are you trying to get this post tagged?

Simple figure of speak my Man!:wink: Also…what i mentioned about wetting the window in a horizontal motion would be the correct way as opposed to shoving the strip washer/wand upward in a vertical motion will cause them to bleed as well.

Just thought i’d clarify that!! Of course that is if what Bill is referring too?

The only problem is the windows are cut up with the same plastic glued to the out side of the window. Do you think a wfp and straight DI would be the way to go?

Absolutely Stud! although…you have options for “Mullions” that’s what it sounds like? Pure water cleaning would be my 1st choice & the best option for exterior applications now…if your doing it traditionally either squeegee and i’ve used “Canned Air” in the past to blast out water/solution that collects or…there’s always D.I./denatured alcohol a 50/50( in a spray bottle) mix applied with 2 micro-fiber towels(preferable for interior applications) but it will work like a champ too!

Thanks Craig this is a big problem up in MA. and it costs me alot of money and time. I will try it tomorrow.