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Did a residential window job a few days ago and the customer was initially happy and said they looked great. However the next morning I get an email and the customer saying that the windows had a film on them so they tried to clean themselves and this is the result. I would never leave a window like that so I know that some of this has to be caused by the customer trying and using whatever solution they may have used. Does anyone have any idea what this may be? from the picture you can sort of see vertical lines in the windows and I’m worried that this may be some type of damage caused by the solution. That being said all I use is dawn and glass gleam 4. Definitely am going to try and re clean them once customer is available again.Window callback

could be its inbetween due to a failed seal

I hope not because I know that a window cleaning should not cause a broken seal. ( they weren’t broken when I was there) but trying to explain that to a customer is gonna be a nightmare if that’s the case.

Was the sun directly on the windows when you cleaned? Sometimes a broken seal can’t be seen until the sun comes around. The customer should not have touched the window and then called you. The best you can do is clean it again and tell them that it’s some kind of permanent damage that you can’t control, and that broken seals are often only visible in direct sunlight and she’d need to contact a window replacement company to get the problem fixed. It’s an unfortunate situation and you may lose this customer, but don’t sweat about it. It happens sometimes and you just catch a bad break. I’ve had to be the bearer of bad news man times and tell people their windows are toast and I can’t help it, and then I still have to ask for money. If you really want to, give her a small discount on the job to try and smooth things over, and be polite. It’s all you can do.

Yes your are correct they were not in the direct sunlight when I cleaned them initially. However the next morning when they were is when I got the email. The problem is this house is literally brand new the construction crews are still building the neighborhood which leads me to believe the windows were never properly sealed to begin with. I’m still not sure as I won’t be hearing from this customer until tomorrow allegedly. Just hoping if I get caught up in a crazy situation my general liability will cover it.

With a window like that they should be able to replace the panes/sashes, not have to replace the whole window. If there’s a problem with the window it should be covered by the construction company, unless you or the customer did something out of the ordinary it’s not your fault, and it’s not unusual these days for companies to install broken/bad windows. Happens in my area all the time unfortunately. If you somehow find yourself at fault it should be less than $300 for the repair, and I would just eat it, don’t use your general liability, because your premium could go up and cost you more in the long run. Good luck!

This alone relieves you of any fault . You should have started off by saying. I can try to fix what you left on there , but can’t promise anything.
You left it cleaned, and they went an did something. Did you ask them what they used ?
It just looks like they sprayed something on there and then streak it up and didn’t clean it properly. If they used a harsh chem then that’s their fault.
I’m sure it was just a simple fix.

Let us know

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