Window Cleaner Jailed

Window cleaner jailed for 17 years for attempting to murder his wife in Torquay street attack: A vengeful husband from Torquay who planned a murderous revenge attack on his wife after they split up has been jailed for 17 years. Window cleaner, Alexander Toth, 45, stabbed his estranged wife Brigitta, 41, in the back three times and bludgeoned her over the head with a hammer during an ambush as she walked to work along the street in St Marychurch in March. Read More

Glad his profession came to light as it has a tremendous amount of bearing. :confused:

I guess our spouses better watch out???


Thats amazing how this tough guy had to ambush her and stab her in the back. What a punk.

For the next 17 years I bet he BECOMES a wife to the booty bandit, but I doubt they’ll let him take the easy way out and die.

What the heck is wrong with people these days man.

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It is horrible news. I still don’t understand how the news is covered under the window cleaning news forum. SURPRISE!

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Why is this even on WCR? Too negative.


It’s a link to Karl Robinsons blog, which is essentially just a news aggregator.

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