Window Cleaner Live Q & A Show

Steve O and I have a streaming q & a show coming November 13th. We will do live q and a’s on tools,industry talk and more. The show will stream live from my channel every second Sunday. Hope to see you guys there.


Cool thing!
Put in my calendar!

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Looking forward to it!

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Awesome man very excited to be doing it !

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I’m already a fan. I dig your stuff!

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Nice. I’m hoping to start a window cleaning business soon, and I just may have a few questions. Looking forward to it.

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Thanks man !


Luke man please tell us how you scored this great JOB in your Live Q & A Show…

Wew took me 8 hours …man made $13.00 ! Kick but


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O yeah ! For sho

No but for real, the first episode we will be doing a live tool review of the excelerator.

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Looking forward to you guys reviewing the excelerator.