Window Cleaners Anonymous

Thanks Shawn I’m all smiles.

To late for anonymity now Star Brite! We already know
your name is Doug.

There ya go, now everybody knows me, but thats ok because I’m in Idaho and nobody cares.:smiley:

hey Mike.

what happens after you dig a hole?

Hey Doug,
Who’s digging a hole? I thought we were all friends here engaged in some friendly debates on window cleaning addiction.

At first I thought this was crazy as hell. But after reading the fourm its
Tiger W

Thanks for sharing Paul but I have to remind you that addiction is not funny. Some of us may be crazy but this is no laughing matter.

I’d also like to remind everybody here that this is an anonymous meeting of window cleaners anonymous and everything thing that’s shared here stays here.

Some members feel that what they share here should be respected and held in the strictest confidence.

Sorry Mike but I don’t let addiction control my life so I better but out of this one. have fun with your little addiction treads.

This parody is really more about anonymity and people not wanting to leave a signature on posts. A first name would be nice. Perhaps we’re done here.

after you dig a hole. the hole is Doug

OK…Im in

Ben Dover

i didnt know your name was ben… :smiley:

[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“7”][COLOR=“black”][COLOR=“black”][B]Inigo Montoya[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

You killed my father prepare to DIE!

Hey Ben,
I always thought of your posts being from the super squirrel guy. I was hoping that you never change your avatar because I wouldn’t know it’s you. So your Ben.

who is the man with 6 fingers on one hand then? :smiley:

Benjamin Dover At His Best!

I’ve always loved that site…

btw it’s not THAT type of site but very informative none the least

Is this the six fingered man you speak of???

hahahahaha yes!!!

You can call me Greg. Just don’t call me late for dinner.