Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint - A Sales Bible

Over 100 Marketing Methods, written by Chris Lambrinides. Hot off the press… Chris has been compiling this Marketing Blueprint over a number of years. This is really more than a book. Its a training program where Chris walks you through over 150 ways you can market your window cleaning business. Step by step instructions with dialog based on his own personal experience. There is almost NO theory in the book. It’s all actual things & methods that Chris has done with success in his business. + It comes with 46 downloads. Worksheets, phone scripts, and pre-made marketing pieces. Read More

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i am interested in the book but the free article download link in the article is actually to the buying page

No your likely clicking the wrong link.

Yea I just double checked. Just click the first link in the email and it will download immediately.

something is goofy, there are 2 links on the page, for me they both go to to the buy noy$250 page

Weird - Ill take a look & manually send you the chapter.

I just sent that over to you. enjoy

If anyone else wants to scoop up a free chapter you can do so on this page here at the bottom:

Thanks for the nice right up @karlosdaze

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

The feedback so far has been great.


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I’d love to see this in a BOOK form. Call me old fashioned, but I would pay for a book faster than a PDF. Especially this one.

I’m sure this is worth EVERY penny too.

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Great read.

Congradulations Chris on a great work that will help many window cleaners inthe years to come.

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ordered mine yesterday and downloaded the pdf last night. haven’t read the whole thing yet but i like what i see so far!!