Window Cleaners No Longer paying for YP in our area

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A few years ago there were at least 5 display ads now there are none in our local book.

How is your book looking?

We opted out of receiving phone books. I wouldn’t know.

We shrank, shrunk, shrinked (?) our display ad every year and now we just have a listing in bold…that still costs about 12 bucks a month

I can remember a time when the sales agents thought they were the only game in town. they weren’t accountable for errors, or any other problems you may have had.
Now, they are selling CD’s that are returning 6-8% return on your money.

Do you have a window cleaning monopoly going on over there? I see “CTL windows” has the same address and almost the same PH# as you…

[MENTION=3065]Boss[/MENTION] thats actually our main corporation that all the companies fall under…

“[B]C[/B]hris [B]T[/B]he [B]L[/B]ambrinides” = CTL

gotta take a tongue in cheek guess :slight_smile:

used to be 2 main competing books then up to 5 a few years back

the less costly one had up to 18 display ads of various sizes

now there’s like one book with 1 ad and that’s about it

Whats a phone book?

A prop up tool for short people.

You know someone that can get me 6 to 8 % on a Certificate of Deposit, I’ll give you a 1% commission on the sale!

I still have a modest presence in a few local books. Surprisingly I get a decent amount of calls from them still.

Good to here Dan.

I believe that’s Christopher Thomas Lambrinides Windows. I could be wrong though. [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] is that right?

I withdrew from the phone book4-5 years ago. They barely paid for themselves and I hated dealing with the phone book sales people. They just made me angry.

Why do you let them make you angry? Why give them that power over you? You have the money, they want it, they work for you. If at any time a salesperson starts getting your blood pressure up, end the conversation. Tell them, “you have angered me and I am not going to talk to you now. You will have to call back tomorrow, and you will need a better attitude, or I will have to do business with someone else”

Why do you think Chris and Alex provide excellent customer service? They understand this principle very well.

About 4 years ago it cost me 8,500 and my ROI was about 2,500. Last time I looked there were still a grip of ads in our book.

I had a really nice ad last year. However, that was only the first stage in my long, drawn out plan. This year I have dropped out of the book completely, and am using other avenues. It is working out tremendously! I can’t wait for this fall…

I totally agree with you, that’s the other reason I stopped dealing with the YP. In fact I even sold my stock in AT & T because I don’t want to be a part of their horrible attitude.

Yes, WCR has it down. They know what customer service is. WCR = Wonderful Customer Relations