Window cleaning a store front

This is one of my storefronts that I clean on a monthly basis. Let me know what you think. thanks


Nice video.

You don’t get any pull marks from your side pole?


Thinks it’s great how we each may have a different technique. Each gets the job done and we probably think the techeque we each use is more efficient than the others.

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I dont. I try to hold it on an angle while pulling and it seems to keeps them away.

So ture. I wish I could figure out how to do the fanning with the pole. I might not have to detail as much.

No, I meant from your starting position. When I pole sideways I have to wipe the starting area. There are ways around this, but was curious how you do it.

Oh, It never drips on me.I just put the squeegee right against the frame and pull. When you pull, put it on angle. I find when I go sideways its fine. When I go down, then I have drips at the top, where I have to take a rag and wipe it.

Here is a link to the video category here on the forum. There are a bunch of great videos that will help give some great ideas on how to fan a window with a pole, and then all it will take is perfect practice and time.

Hope this helps.

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Out of curiosity, why don’t you wipe the squeegee after each swipe? I’m new to the business but I’ve heard that this is good practise? Is this true? Does it matter?

You can wear out your rubber alot faster if you dry it with a towel. If no one is present in the buisness then maybe use the tap technique. Ive seen people wear out the rubber unevenly causing horrible lines, feathering at the top is nice :slight_smile:


Cool video man !

Thanks Luke, Love your videos. Trying to learn how to clean like you.

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If you ever have any questions message me ! I subbed to your channel great editing and I like your style.

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What is a tap technique? I’ve searched google but couldn’t find examples.

Tap is when you use a few small taps on the glass or frame to shake water off your squeegee blade in preparation for the next pull

Heres another guy that you can watch…

@TheWindowCleanse has a great series of videos.


Working ambidextrously is a good way to slow down repetitive stress.

I like the editing and the music, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks so much. Glad you like my editing. Slowly learning how to get better at it.

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Thanks for the Sub. I have lots of questions but mainly I need to learn how to fan with the pole and without. Im slowly trying it.

I noticed in your video your bending your back a lot. As a suggestion (and only a suggestion) try taking your strokes from the top down, only to waste level (or at least to the point just before you have to bend your back to go lower). Let the pole do the reaching - not your body (that’s what it’s for). Don’t bend over to pole those lower windows, keep your back straight, and let your arms drop, and let the pole do the reaching. You’ll figure it out. Practice standing still in one place, and only using your arms and the pole, reaching every part of the windows with-out bending your back. You’ll definitely do yourself an injury for sure IF you keep going like that.

Another suggestion. Put your company name in LARGE CLEAR lettering and your cell phone number on the back of your hoodie as advertising (it will act as a bill board). Perhaps, ditch the jeans. Get some nice cargo pants instead (up to you).

Watch your bucket positioning. I noticed it was a little to far out on the side walk in one shot, people might trip up on it (splash & crash!). Get a couple of these: they’ll look good on your blue bucket and help with visibility and safety.