Window Cleaning Barter System

[B]What is the best thing you’ve traded your window cleaning services for? [/B]

One of the greatest things about knowing how to clean windows is being able to trade your skill for cool things. I find that no one really wants dirty windows but sometimes they just don’t want to fork out the dough but would be glad to trade something for the service.

I’m sure a lot of you have traded for cool stuff and thought it would be fun to list your best trade. I think so far mine was a 14ft aluminum boat and trailer that came with two motors all in like new condition. I got about double the value for the service.

I go big. My pizza place collects their oil 5 gal jugs for me. I , in turn, WFP their windows every so often. A few panes but worth the jugs coming on a constant basis. Haven’t bought 1 jug to hold water. 100 gal is enough for now but whenever need them they will reserve them.
5 minutes of pole gets me free drinks anytime. Nothing like a boat though. LOL

There are various ways of cleaning window but the most i prefer to avoid window cleaning in the sunlight and i use vacuum screen to remove the dust.

I can’t compete with a boat but did get heaps of organic beef as part payment for window cleaning once. Lasted for months, it was great, even supplied friends with meat for their freezers too.

I’ve bartered for pizza, contact lenses, golf clubs, but my favorite is the weekend cabin rentals on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Couple hours of window cleaning and the fam gets a 3 night vacation in several beautiful vacation properties.

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Ive gotten a few different things over the years like food, Browns tickets, and private golf lessons. My favorite bar none was a friend of my dads loaned me his 2007 Corvette for the weekend. 3 hours of work for 3 days and 2 nights of pure fun. If memory serves I think I filled the tank 3 times.

I barter with my screen printer. Shirts & lawn signs and what ever else. I do work at his home. Works out great.

$750 worth of ad-time on a local classic hits station, for less than $500 in work. The station manager likes to round up!

We do an oil change place in exchange for oil changes and washes.

Pizza place In/out 3 plates of glass every week. Lunch for two guys every week. What ever we want

Do you guys initiate the idea of barter or is it usually the ‘client’ that does it?

Earrings for my lady once a month. The job takes about 4 minutes to do weekly and is between jobs. $50 worth of jewelry for 15 minutes of work each month. She looks beautiful.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning

The owner ask me while I was sitting in there eating lunch one day, so I jump all over it . I drop easy $18-$22 on lunch so works for me .

Do you clean in missouri? If so what area?

I bartered for a smoker the other day. Waiting for him to make it. This guy makes smokers out of 55 gal metal drums. Really cool. I was at a local store that had one for sale, on top of it was a pamphlet with his name and address on it. I had just booked his wife. So I called them up and made the offer. Can’t wait to get that thing. I’m gonna smoke every animal that I can find, dead or alive!

I’ve done office cleaning for advertising. That worked out well.
Currently I only have one barter deal. A place that sells among other things vacuums. We’ve traded for years and received quite a few vacuums that we use in our cleaning.
Nothing residential.

Tulsa, but Branson area when I want a vacation.

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Auto maintenance- Do their house 1 time a year and store front every month. We keep a running list and every year or 2 we work things out. My favorite is hunting spots , lower the price or free to get permission . I just trade 22 thermos for a 16 ft canoe.

I had a guy trade me Silver Bars once,but i’ve traded for 2 TV’s a lawnmower,…sorry no goats yet!